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The Guiding Light Of Magna Carta 1539
December 5 2018 Contributor: Jack and Gladys, United States

Dear Chris,

I trust this email finds you happy and healthy. As Gladys and I continue to pray for you, we are wondering if something is wrong with your email. We tried to reach you, but it did not go through. We hope everything is going well, but we are a bit concerned.
So glad to see that Magna Carta is still gracing the world with their wonderful, inspiring music. And that their guiding light still has so much to offer the world, both professionally and personally.
May the Lord bless you, my friend. Keep the faith!

Jack and Gladys

Memories 1538
December 3 2018 Contributor: Cynthia prince

I’m a friend of Mervyn Stutter and Trevor Pikes ex wife!!! (Still good friends)
Just to say many memories of the gigs in the 60s. Wish you would some gigs in Hertfordshire or Cambridge

Love on the Wire Double CD 1534
September 26 2018 Contributor: Algy Kazlauciunas

Hi Chris, Love on the Wire CD arrived on Sunday morning and have been playing it in the car to & from work (alternating with the new Treetop Flyers CD - check these guys out, talented band!)over the last couple of days. Excellent selection of live tracks and they fit together well. You have obviously spent some time putting the track list/selection together. Some great performances and having having been to the Grassington concerts, great to hear those Mr Nash sax solo's again - what a carear he is having!! Tarafornow Algy K.

The Visitor 1532
August 24 2018 Contributor: Paul Butterworth

Hi Chris, just had a knee replacement at Harrogate Hos. They said bring a book so I arrived at 7.30 with my book and was informed I was last on the list so by the time they took me to theater I had finished it. found it very relaxing on such a stressful day. Thank You Mate.

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