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Magna Carta Love 1521
February 8 2018 Contributor: Paul Whitty

I was given the "Seasons" album as a cutout give away on Daytona Beach, Florida while on college spring break in 1971. I still listen to it(and "Songs from Wasties Orchard) occasionally with such warm nostalgia. Many thanks to all those musicians for such pleasure through the years!!!

Music 1520
January 31 2018 Contributor: Lorenzo Pérez Trigo

Thanks for your music. Forever

catch up time 1519
January 31 2018 Contributor: iain gardner

hi tom
well its been a long time since the mulguy blues with roger lowe etc happy days david falconer the Thomas twins to name a few old names
you have done well so good on you and continue to enjoy life and your music
i have spoken with roger on skype and good to know so many of us are still above ground
kind regards
iain gardner

Memories! 1518
December 29 2017 Contributor: Anthony Peake

I recently downloaded the Magna Carta album "Lord of the Ages" and I remembered that Chris was one of my teachers at Wirral Grammar School in 1973. Chris directed a production of Max Frisch's "The Fire-Raisers". I played the role of "The Chorus". Af the after-production party at Chris's flat in Upton he brought out an advance pressing of the new Pink Floyd album. Our group was among the first people in the world to hear an album that was to become "Dark Side of the Moon." Thanks for this memory Chris ..... and developing in me a love of the theatre. Indeed my next book, which will be published in January, is a review of the "magical" in the plays and novels of J.B. Priestley (entitled "Time and The Rose Garden"). If Chris would like an pre-publication copy of this as a way of my saying thanks for his music and for casting me in the play just let me know ..... I may also be talking about this book at the Bradford Literature Festival next summer ... as a proud Yorkshireman maybe Chris will be interested in attending!

Best wishes

Tony (Anthony) Peake

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