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canterbury folk festival 2019 1555
August 19 2019 Contributor: kevin

Hi Chris , it was a lovely final festival in Ingersol . We enjoyed talking with you after your Sunday performance and it was a nice way of saying good-bye to you and Thanks for the music. A kind Fan has offered to help me on your Ltd. Edition cd. We talked about Canadian Publishers - there are 2." Greystone" in vancouver,B.C. they published a biography on Long John Baldry. and "Manor house publishing" in Ancaster ontario. They have published other music biographies and have released 2 novels by Ian Thomas. He was a well known musician who also played on Saturday at the Festival. If you need any more info on the publishers , Please contact. Hope you release the Paul Stewart material. Take Care .Kevin & Melanie.

canterbury folk festival 2019 1554
July 3 2019 Contributor: kevin

Hi Chris. It`s fantastic to hear you are returning to the festival.Thanks for signing the CD`s and your book -The Vistor last time! My wife loved your English charm. I`m hoping you could look under your bed or in your closets for your Ltd. Edition cd and your Paul Stewart CD even a CDR of each would be awesome. I`m probably the only Canadian Fan that has a near full collection of your music.Take Care. See you there.

Where is/ was 'Wasties Orchard'? 1553
June 1 2019 Contributor: Nic Siddle

Sorting out my old LPs and came across this album. I have noticed that there is a 'Wasties Orchard' (now housing)in Long Hanborough in Oxfordshire. Any connection - or just co-incidence?

Lahko pomagam pri razvoju foruma 1552
May 17 2019 Contributor: terwixonse

I am from Slovenia. I can help with build this forum. Thanks for approved.

Jaz sem Slovenka. Lahko pomagam pri razvoju foruma.

R.I.P. George Norris 1550
April 18 2019 Contributor: Peter Herweijer

I met George in Hilversum during the 2011 Dutch MC tour. A kind person and a great singer who is truly missed.
Chris thanks for your loving eulogy!

Morecambe venue 1549
April 16 2019 Contributor: Ian Hemsworth

Hi Chris, nice to meet up again in Skipton. Do we book tickets through venue or can we book them through your good self. I have lost your 'e' mail so could not contact direct. Cheers Ian & Elizabethxx

George Norris 1547
April 12 2019 Contributor: Pamela Ward

It is with deep sorrow I have to say goodbye to my dear friend George Norris. We worked together on numerous projects associated with Brewhouse Music. Not many people will be aware of his work as a children’s entertainer and teacher. We recorded many songs for a Danish production for young learners of English and had enormous fun. Recordings of “The Hokey Kokey” and “Old Macdonald Had A Farm” were memorable. George was also known in Japan for a short while in 1998 as we recorded songs together for an album “Songs Of The British Islands” at the request of the British embassy in Tokyo to celebrate Festival UK which was going on in Japan all that year. We recorded 14 tracks together for that album.
A man of many and diverse talents he could step up to perform at the drop of a hat. I was one of the judges at the National folk festival a few years ago and George had been booked to do a 15 minute spot during the judges deliberations for a music prize. Poor George ended up playing for over an hour as we judges took so long to decide on the winner. He took it all in his stride.
I also have George to thank for tickets to a Lonnie Donegan concert at The Stables in Wavendon. George never drove and relied on public transport. One afternoon I received a phone call from him explaining that he was the support act for Lonnie Donegan later that night. He was able to get to the venue but the last bus home left before he finished his act. Any chance of a lift in return for a free tickets to the concert? I of course agreed and the concert was wonderful. George was superb.
George was a most gracious and generous man; always keen to promote and encourage others to be the best they could be with his inimitable style and support. I remember times when I would go “tempo rubato” but George was unflappable and would stay with me all the way. A superb guitar player and accompanist.
I’m with you George. Thank you and God bless.
Pam Ward.

R I P George Norris 1546
April 9 2019 Contributor: Suzan St Maur

So saddened to hear of George's passing. What a talent!
I knew George before he had even heard of MC, when he would come and guest at our folk club in Stony Stratford (home of the Cock & Bull story, no connection) which is now part of Milton Keynes (definitely a connection.)
He would either perform solo or sometimes with a lovely lady with a very powerful contralto, named "Saffron."
My most electric memory of George was watching him perform "Mule Skinner Blues" whacking the daylights out of a 12-string acoustic guitar that was nearly as big as him, and threatening to break windows two streets away with his vocal rendition of this great classic.
Thank God we didn't have amplification and microphones at that club, or he would have set off an avalanche on Mount Snowdon.
Wonderful guy who will be much missed.
Suze StM (used to sing as Susan Denver.)

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