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Current page: Linda's Page

Current page: Linda's Page




Linda Simpson-Taylor [photo by Barbara Meihuizen]

All Change

Linda has added her maiden name to Simpson and is now known as Linda Simpson-Taylor. She will be using Mama Don’t as a record company only and, as a temporary measure, until she sets up her website, she is using a facebook page:

Linda Simpson Taylor is appearing at The Octagon Theatre, Grassington as part of The Grassington Festival Fringe on the 19th of June. Grassington Booking office 01756 752691


In May 2009 Linda left Magna Carta after the ‘final’ concert in Holland at ‘The Royal Theater Carré’ (the Dutch equivalent of the Royal Albert Hall). At that time she had been with the band for 26 years.

Later in 2009 she moved onto a narrow boat. ‘I dreamt that I had a boat called The Busker so I had one built and called it The Busker. It made perfect sense to me at the time and, although I knew absolutely nothing about boats, it was the best thing I could have done. I moved onto the boat that summer and have never looked back.“ She brought the boat from Northwich to Barnoldswick for her first winter, the worse winter for 100 years or something silly, but it didn’t put her off. The following summer she took the boat from Skipton down onto The Thames... and then back to New Mills in the Peak District.

‘It was a strange time: After so many years in the same band I felt a bit lost. I did a few gigs in that time but if I said I used to be in Magna Carta it seemed that people expected ‘something’; I’ve never quite worked out what, but I do still do my favourite Magna Carta songs so hopefully that’s OK’ On her travels she started an Open Mic at the Cellar Bar Barnoldswick, still taking place on the last Sunday of every month.

In New Mills she started the Acoustic festival attached to the Whaley Water Weekend and she is helping to arrange it again this year; it takes place on the 6th of June.

She is involved with The Armistice Pals, a project to record Pete Seeger’s song ‘Where Have All the Flowers Gone’ to be released on the 11th of November to raise money for our troops.

And last, but not least, she is helping a group of children to raise money for Birmingham children’s hospital and Acorns children’s hospice in the Black Country...

For a while she worked with the talented Dutch Singer-Songwriter Elrieke, a relationship that was fun and productive but difficult to maintain at a distance.

Still living on her boat; she is presently in the Birmingham area. In the past year she has found her feet as a solo artist and is starting to gain recognition in her own right. She will be recording a new album later this year and is thrilled that a famous modern artist has offered to do the cover.

She does still do some Magna Carta songs (the ones that she sang with the band) but she has now developed her own style, is writing her own material and also collaborating with Jonathan Barrett. She also does her own versions of classic numbers like ‘Who Knows Where the Time Goes’ written by Sandy Denny, and ‘Coyote’, a classic Joni Mitchell song.

Linda is doing several festivals this year, including The Grassington Festival on the 19th June this time with a pianist, Ian Diment. Ian is only 40 so the combination is comical at times, but Linda loves the fact that she can now do songs that she could never have considered whilst with Magna Carta and feels like ‘a kid in a sweet factory’ as she now explores new styles and genres.

Linda lived in the Grassington area for 20 years in the ‘Magna’ period and so the festival will again be a ‘homecoming’ and she is looking forward to catching up with old friends.

Ian and Linda are putting together a varied repertoire and will be working together on a regular basis – they will be recording a CD as soon as possible... more info when available.


Linda Simpson-Taylor and Ian Diment [photo by Adam Ince]


Some of Linda's videos are accessible here [opens in a new window].

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