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Current page: List of recorded songs

Current page: List of recorded songs

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List of Songs Recorded by Magna Carta

Click on the song title to see on which albums it has been recorded. You may also display the songs ordered by the song writers, display the first line(s) of the songs, and search the songs database.

Song TitleWriter(s)
9lb HammerMerle Travis
A time for sleepingChris Simpson
Abalone SkyChris SImpson
Ain't no turning BackChris Simpson
Airport SongChris Simpson
All my BluesTom Hoy
All my LifeChris Simpson
All our YesterdaysChris Simpson
All part of the GameChris Simpson
Approximately halfway thereChris Simpson
Autumn dreaming bluesChris Simpson
Autumn SongChris Simpson
BackroadsChris Simpson
BanjoDavey Johnstone
BanjomanChris Simpson
Be it as you ChooseGeorge Norris
Beyond the Isle of SkyeChris Simpson
Big UmbrellaChris Simpson
Blues bar CaféChris Simpson and Linda Simpson
Blues for a long road HomeChris Simpson
Books about UsTom Hoy
Boulder to BirminghamEmmylou Harris & Bill Danoff
C'est la VieTom Hoy
Cajun CannonballChris Simpson
Call MeChris Simpson
Call me the BreezeJ.J. Cale
Cancer ChildChris Simpson
Circus of the HeartChris Simpson
ColumbusChris Simpson
Country BornChris Simpson
Country JamChris Simpson, Davey Johnstone, Glen Stewart
DannyChris Simpson
Dark AngelChris Simpson
Daughter DaughterChris Simpson
DestinationsChris Simpson
Diamond in the DustChris Simpson
Dink's SongTraditional
Don't stop MeChris Simpson
Down along UpChris Simpson, Davey Johnstone, Glen Stewart
Down to the HeartChris Simpson
Dutch spring AfternoonChris Simpson
Easy if you TryChris Simpson
ElizabethanChris Simpson
Emily thru' the WindowpaneChris Simpson
Epilogue (Seasons)Chris Simpson
EvergreenChris Simpson
Every timeChris Simpson
Faces of LondonChris Simpson
Falkland GreneChris Simpson
Father JohnChris Simpson
Fields of EdenChris Simpson
Fooled by a PromiseChris Simpson
For the GypsyChris Simpson
ForeverChris Simpson
FragmentsTom Hoy
From Clare to HereRalph McTell
Give me LuvChris Simpson
Give me no GoodbyeChris Simpson
Going my WayChris Simpson
Good morning SunChris Simpson
Got my eyes on YouChris Simpson
GreenfieldsChris Simpson
Have a nice DayDoug Morter
Hebden Sunday MorningChris Simpson
Help YourselfChris Simpson
Here to StayChris Simpson
Hey, Mr. SimpsonPaul Chiemlowski
Highway to SpainChris Simpson
Home GroanChris Simpson
Hungerford BridgeChris Simpson
I am no MoreChris Simpson
I don't want to knowChris Simpson
I'll walk MineChris Simpson
I'm gonna take you DownChris Simpson
I've got the World in the palm of my HandChris Simpson
Idle WindTom Hoy
In the Scheme of ThingsLinda Simpson
In TomorrowChris Simpson
Isn't it Funny (and not a little bit strange)Chris Simpson
It's so EasyChris Simpson
Jigsaw ManChris Simpson
JonahChris Simpson
Lady take me DownChris Simpson
Life in the old DogChris Simpson
Listen to the ManChris Simpson
Little piece of my HeartChris Simpson
Living with a woman like YouChris Simpson
Long DistanceChris Simpson
Long hot summer dayChris Simpson
Long Time RunningChris Simpson
Lord of the AgesChris Simpson
Love in our TimeChris Simpson
Love is ForeverChris Simpson
Love on the spinning WheelChris Simpson
Love on the WireChris Simpson
Love runs WildLinda Simpson
Love you can't HideChris Simpson
Lovers and FriendsChris Simpson
MacKenzieChris Simpson
MagnoliaJ.J. Cale
Make You Feel my LoveBob Dylan
MargieChris Simpson
Martin's CafeChris Simpson
MerryfieldChris Simpson and Linda Simpson
Messin' aroundChris Simpson
Michael of AngelsChris Simpson
Midnight AgainChris Simpson
Midnight BlueChris Simpson
MidwinterChris Simpson
Mixed up SensationsChris Simpson
Moving OnLinda Simpson
Mr. BojanglesJerry Jeff Walker
My melancholy friendChris Simpson
Natural lovin' ManChris Simpson
Night MagicChris Simpson
No place to SleepChris Simpson
No truth in the RumourChris Simpson
Nothing so Bad (it can't get better)Chris Simpson
Oh my dear RoseTom Hoy
Old John ParkerChris Simpson
Old ManChris Simpson
Old ShoesChris Simpson
One man's HeavenChris Simpson
One more last GoodbyeChris Simpson
One small VoiceChris Simpson
Only a HoboChris Simpson
Only a Lonely GirlLinda Simpson
Only love knows HowLinda Simpson
Only road HomeChris Simpson
Ordinary ManChris Simpson
OvertureChris Simpson
Painted EyesChris Simpson, Tom Hoy, Nigel Smith
Paradise RowChris Simpson
Parliament HillChris Simpson
People's FriendChris Simpson
Perfect LoversLinda Simpson
Pictures in my PillowChris Simpson
Power to the SongChris Simpson and Doug Morter
PrincessTom Hoy
Prologue (Seasons)Chris Simpson
Putting it back TogetherChris Simpson
Queen BoadiceaChris Simpson
Rainy day CompanionTom Hoy
RebeccaChris Simpson
Rhythm of my LifeChris Simpson
Ring of StonesChris Simpson
Rings around the MoonChris Simpson
Roll OnChris Simpson
Romeo JackChris Simpson
Same old SongChris Simpson
San Francisco Bay BluesJesse Fuller
Saturday mornin' manChris Simpson
Scarecrow SongChris Simpson
Sea and SandChris Simpson
Seasons in the TideChris Simpson
Seven O'clock HymnChris Simpson
Shades of GreyChris Simpson
ShineChris Simpson and Linda Simpson
Silver LiningLinda Simpson
Slow down slowChris Simpson
Slow train to NowhereChris Simpson
Slowbone JonesChris Simpson
Soliloquy 1 (Prisoners on the Line)Chris Simpson
Soliloquy 2 (Prisoners on the Line)Chris Simpson
Some kind of ManChris Simpson
Song for GazaTraditional
Song for JohnChris Simpson
Song of EveningChris Simpson
SongbirdChris Simpson
Speed at the sound of LonelinessJohn Prine
Spinning wheels of TimeChris Simpson
SpongeDavey Johnstone
Spring Poem (revised 1999)Chris Simpson
Spring Poem (Seasons)Chris Simpson
Spring SongChris Simpson
State of the ArtChris Simpson
Sting of the GinChris Simpson
Stoney RoseChris Simpson
Stop bringing me DownChris Simpson
Strangers in the land of UlyssesChris Simpson
Summer Poem (Seasons)Chris Simpson
Summer Song (Seasons)Chris Simpson
Sun ain't gonna RiseChris Simpson
Sunday on the RiverChris Simpson
Sure don't bother me NowChris Simpson
Talkin'Chris Simpson
Terminal case of YouChris Simpson
That was YesterdayChris Simpson
That's the way it goesChris Simpson
The BoatmanDavey Johnstone
The Bridge at Knaresborough TownChris Simpson
The last dancerDoug Morter
The last Song / One small VoiceLinda Simpson
The sad fate of Francis AlbadalejoChris Simpson
This Time AroundChris Simpson
Three into Two (don't go)Chris Simpson
Ticket to the MoonChris Simpson
Tiger's EyesChris Simpson
Time for the LeavingChris Simpson
Times of ChangeChris Simpson
Tomorrow is a Long TimeBob Dylan
Tomorrow's up for SaleChris Simpson
Too too goodChris Simpson
Took a long TimeChris Simpson and Tom Hoy
Travellin' ManChris Simpson
Two old FriendsChris Simpson
UlyssesChris Simpson
Uncertain TimesChris Simpson
Until I see you AgainChris Simpson
Visions in a CrowdChris Simpson
Wake upChris Simpson
Walk away from HeavenChris Simpson
Watch This SpaceChris Simpson
WayfaringChris Simpson
What colour is your mind?Chris Simpson
When all is said and DoneChris Simpson
When you FallChris Simpson and Tom Hoy
Which way can I go?Chris Simpson
White snow DoveChris Simpson
White TuxedoChris Simpson
Wild BirdChris Simpson
Wild GeeseChris Simpson
Wild HorsesChris Simpson
Wind on the WaterChris Simpson
Winter SongChris Simpson
Winter Song (reprise)Chris Simpson
WinterludeChris Simpson
Wish it WasChris Simpson
Won't set the world on FireChris Simpson
Working on the Road (again)Chris Simpson
Written in the WindChris Simpson
YouChris Simpson
You (for Lizzie and Henk)Chris Simpson
You and IChris Simpson
You are only what you AreChris Simpson
You SayChris Simpson
Young Wackford's rantTom McConville