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Current page: Discography - 'Seasons' Track List

Current page: Discography - 'Seasons' Track List

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Album cover for 'Seasons' (1970)

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Seasons - Track List
TitleSong Writer
SeasonsChris Simpson
  -  PrologueChris Simpson
  -  Winter SongChris Simpson
  -  Spring PoemChris Simpson
  -  Spring SongChris Simpson
  -  Summer PoemChris Simpson
  -  Summer SongChris Simpson
  -  Autumn SongChris Simpson
  -  EpilogueChris Simpson
  -  Winter Song (reprise)Chris Simpson
Going my WayChris Simpson
ElizabethanChris Simpson
Give me no GoodbyeChris Simpson
Ring of StonesChris Simpson
Scarecrow SongChris Simpson
Airport SongChris Simpson

This was Magna Carta's second album, which includes the exquisite Seasons concept piece, which, to use the words of Chris Simpson, was "based on the life journey of the soul, and the rounds of the Seasons in my beloved Nidderdale". It is currently available on CD either on the Repertoire label (REPUK1034), or as part of a double album together with Songs from Wasties Orchard on the Mercury label (5388122). It also includes the world-wide hit Airport Song.

It has an impressive lineup. In addition to the London Symphony Orchestra, it has Tony Carr on Drums; Derek Grossmith on Flute; Spike Heatley on Bass and Acoustic Base; Davey Johnstone on Vocals, Guitar and Sitar (credited as 'Shaggis'); Barry Morgan on Drums; Tim Renwick on Recorder; Chris Simpson on Guitar and Vocals; Glenn Stuart on Vocals; Lyell Tranter on Guitar; Tony Visconti on Base, Percussion, and Recorder; Rick Wakeman on Organ, Piano and Keyboards; and Peter Willison on Cello.

Seasons is one of the six Magna Carta albums that went Gold.