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Current page: Discography - 'The Fields Of Eden' tracks

Current page: Discography - 'The Fields Of Eden' tracks

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CD cover for 'The Fields Of Eden' (2015)
The Fields Of Eden - Track List (2015)
All songs written by Chris Simpson and all published by DINSDALE MUSIC

This album was released on June 15th, 2015 (exactly 800 years after the Magna Carta was sealed) on the Talking Elephant label, catalogue number TECD 287. It was recorded at Soundworks Studios in Leeds, West Yorkshire, in February 2014. Produced by Will Jackson and Chris Simpson. Engineered by Will Jackson.

Musicians: Chris Simpson: guitar, vocals, harmonica; Elliott Randall: electric guitar; Laurens Joensen: acoustic, Spanish & slide guitars, mandolin, dobro & banjo; Doug Morter: electric guitar & backing vocals; Alan Thomson: bass & slide guitar; Kate Peters: backing vocals; Wendy Ross: violin; John Shepard: drums & percussion; Derek Nash: sax; Cathy Simpson: piano (on The Tumbling River and Middlesmoor), Will Jackson: piano, guitar & orchestration; Andrew Jackson: spoken word; Matt Barnhoorn: violin & vocals (on Life In The Old Dog).

CD cover for 'The Fields Of Eden' (2015)


Anemos/Child of the light

Long time running

Walk away from heaven

The Fields of Eden

The same rain

Greenhow Hill

This time around

European Union blues


The wild geese

Life in the old dog

The Fields Of Eden - Track List (2015)