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Current page: Discography - 'Evergreen' tracks

Current page: Discography - 'Evergreen' tracks

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Album cover for 'Evergreen' (2000)

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Evergreen - Track List
TitleSong Writer(s)
Sea and SandChris Simpson
Spring PoemChris Simpson
Airport SongChris Simpson
Time for the LeavingChris Simpson
Sun Ain't Gonna RiseChris Simpson
Soliquay #1Chris Simpson
Putting it Back TogetherChris Simpson
Took a long TimeTom Hoy and Chris Simpson
Tomorrow is a Long TimeBob Dylan
Summer PoemChris Simpson
Wind on the WaterChris Simpson
San Francisco Bay BluesBob Dylan
Feel my LoveBob Dylan
Wild GeeseChris Simpson
EvergreenChris Simpson
Autumn SongChris Simpson
Only Road HomeChris Simpson
Soliquay #2Chris Simpson
Midnight AgainChris Simpson
Slow train to NowhereChris Simpson

This a recording of a live performance given at the Grassington Festival in 1999. In addition to Chris and Linda, it also features John Shepherd on Drums, Tony White on Piano, Jonathon Barratt on Base, Ian Stewart on Mouthharp, and Andrew Jackson who reads the soliquays. Tom Hoy also makes a welcome return guesting on two tracks - his first recording made with Magna Carta since the Live in Bergen album in 1978.

The CD was released in 2000 by HTD Records (catalogue number HTDCD113), and was re-released in 2001 by Talking Elephants Records as A Touch of Class in a 2 CD set with Live in Grassington, a recording of another concert recorded at the Grassington Festival in 1998.