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Current page: Discography - Vinyl Singles

Current page: Discography - Vinyl Singles

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Cover for 'Same old song / Vision in the crowd' (1975)

"Same Old Song"

Cover for 'Wind on the water / Midnight blue' (1983)

"Wind on the water"

Vinyl Singles
YearTitle (Side A / Side B)Original Label & Code
1969Romeo Jack, 7 O'Clock HymnFontana tf1060
1969Romeo Jack, Spinning Wheels Of TimeFontana 267972tp
1969Midwinter, Spinning Wheels Of TimeMercury mf1096
1970Airport Song, ElizabethanVertigo 6059 013
1971Time For The Leaving, Wayfarin'Vertigo 6059 043
1972Country Jam, Home GroanVertigo 6059 052
1972All My Life, Falkland GreenVertigo 6059 073
1973Give Me Luv, Song Of EveningVertigo 6059 092
1974Airport Song, Isn't It FunnyPhilips 6006-570
1975Same Old Song, Vision In A CrowdNegram ng 704
1976Took A Long Time, Books About UsGTO 2099.170
1976Oh My Dear Rose, Painted EyesGTO 2099.182
1977Easy if you try, Tomorrow's up for saleVertigo 6059 178
1978Forever, Rainy Day CompanionPhilips 6006.610
1979No Truth In The Rumour, Big UmbrellaAriola
1981Highway to Spain, Natural Loving ManCNR 144.900
1981Highway to Spain, Sure Don't Bother Me NowPrecision, par110
1982Midnight Blue, DannyPolydor 2050.744
1983Wind on the water / Midnight blueVIC-70 - 22SO598
1988Living With A Woman Like You, Stoney RoseSpeed Records nick-1
1988Tiger Eyes, Long DistanceTembo tm1135
1991Airport Song, ScarecrowVertigo 868 668-7