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Current page: Discography - Vinyl Albums

Current page: Discography - Vinyl Albums

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Album cover for 'Times of Change' (1969)

"Magna Carta"

Album cover for 'Midnight Blue' (1982)

"Midnight Blue"

Vinyl Albums and Double Albums
Year TitleOriginal Label & Code
1969Silver album indicatorMagna Carta / Times of ChangeMercury 138165mcy
1970Gold album indicatorSeasonsVertigo 6360 003
1971Gold album indicatorSongs from Wasties OrchardVertigo 6360 040
1972Gold album indicatorIn ConcertVertigo 6360 068
1973Gold album indicatorLord of the AgesVertigo 6360 093
1975Greatest HitsVertigo 9107 100
1976Took a Long Time / Putting it back TogetherGTO 2321 112
1977Gold album indicatorSpotlight On Magna CartaPhilips 6625 031
1977Silver album indicatorMartin's CafeVertigo 6360 146
1978Silver album indicatorLive in BergenMercury 6304 507
1978Gold album indicatorPrisoners on the LinePhilips 6308 309
1979No Truth in the RumourArioala 201176
1982Midnight BluePolydor 2925 127
1982Sweet DeceiverVitoria vlp-40
1988One to OneTembo tmb118
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