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Current page: Discography - 'Deserted Highways...'

Current page: Discography - 'Deserted Highways...'

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Album cover for 'Deserted Highways of the Heart' (2007)

Buy from Amazon UK

Album cover for 'Deserted Highways of the Heart' (2007)

Buy from Amazon UK

Deserted Highways of the Heart - Track List
Disk 1
TitleSong Writer(s)
Lady Take Me DownChris Simpson
Circus of the HeartChris Simpson
You Are Only What You AreChris Simpson
You and IChris Simpson
Nothing So Bad (It Can't Get Better)Chris Simpson
Terminal Case of YouChris Simpson
Old ManChris Simpson
Pefect LoversLinda Simpson
Cancer ChildChris Simpson
DestinationsChris Simpson
World in the Palm of my HandChris Simpson
Two Old FriendsChris Simpson
Lovers and FriendsChris Simpson
EvergreenChris Simpson
Rings Around the MoonChris Simpson
MargieChris Simpson
Michael of AngelsChris Simpson
Only Road HomeChris Simpson
Old ShoesChris Simpson
Disk 2
TitleSong Writer(s)
Strangers in the Land of UlyssesChris Simpson
You SayChris Simpson
Litle Piece of my HeartChris Simpson
Natural Lovin' ManChris Simpson
Wind on the WaterChris Simpson
Here To StayChris Simpson
Living with a Woman Like YouChris Simpson
Long DistanceChris Simpson
Rythm of my LifeChris Simpson
Written in the WindChris Simpson
Love on the Spinning WheelChris Simpson
JonahChris Simpson
Three into Two (Don't Go)Chris Simpson
EvertimeChris Simpson
Only Road HomeChris Simpson
Winterlude - UlyssesChris Simpson
ForeverChris Simpson

This is a double CD anthology of archive material from Magna Carta's thirty-odd years of making music, and featuring some wonderful musicians. It also features the only released recording of the song Margie.

Vocals: Chris Simpson, Linda Simpson, Tom Hoy, Nigel Smith, Glen Stuart, Davey Johnstone, Graham Smith, Doug Morter and Kate Robbins.

Drums & Percusion: Pick Withers, Barry Morgan, Dave Mattacks, Tony Carr, Paul Burgess, John Shepherd, Eddie Conaar, Terry Stanyan and Ab Van Goor.

Piano & Keyboards: Jeff Bannister, Nigel Smith, John Mealing, Gwyn Jons, Will Jackson, Hennie Bekker, Balis Kovaks, Ab Van Goor and Tony White.

Mouth Harp: Iain 'Stewy' Stewart, Graham Smith, Alan Schmidt and Chris Simpson.

Marimbas: Frank Ricotti.

Sax: Derek Nash.

Guitars: Chris Simpson, Linda Simpson, Tom Hoy, Davey Johnstone, Will Jackson, Doug Morter, Al Fenn and George Norris.

Bass: Nigel Smith, Dave Marquee, Lee Abbott, Graham Smith, Jonathon Barrett, Eddie Jackson, Dave Peacock, Bob Duesbury and Dave Pegg.

Recorders: Linda Simpson and Robin Thyne.

Penny Whistle / Violin: 'Wild' John Carey and Matt Barnhoorn.

It was released in June 2007 on the Talking Elephant label (catalogue number TECD116), and is readily available.