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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Het Proveniershuys, Schiedam - 3rd May

Matthijs Barnhoorn writes - It was a great night last night, but as you know the morning after can be slightly South of fresh and awake.

At quarter past 9 I managed to get myself from the bed to the shower, without waking Chris up. Quick 'good morning' call to Linda, to make sure we all made it to breakfast.

Coming down, a whole Kenyan family was preparing themselves for a wedding. They looked very smart in there outfits. We managed to get a very nice breakfast and got upstairs for another '50 winks'. After that we were alive and kicking.

The band at work. Photo: Walter Goyen

Packing up the vehicle, we noticed that one pair of Chris' shoes didn't make it back to the hotel. We tried to phone Luc to see if we could collect them before we went back up to Holland. We could, so after a very nice cup of coffee, a relaxed trip round the suburbs of Brussels and a pleasant half an hour in the sun waiting for Luc, Chris got his shoes.

Immediately after that we started our journey back into Holland. As it was a very pleasant day it became a very pleasant one. In about 2 hours we arrived at the venue in Schiedam, where Nico, Pieter, Linda and Rob had just finished building up the stage and PA-system and were taking a break.

We got a lovely welcome from Bram and Annemieke, the proud owners of "Het Proveniershuys".

After a cup of coffee and building up our equipment, Nico took us out to a shopping centre to get some shopping done for tomorrow.

Coming back we put the stuff away and had a very compact and efficient sound check. We all went our ways after that until the dinner was ready. Like last year Bram and Annemieke prepared a complete feast for us, which was gorgeous!

When we couldn't possibly eat another chip, we started to make ourselves ready. Compared to yesterday everything was so relaxed, brilliant!

The show went down really well, the whole atmosphere was very warm and the room was full of people who were there to have good time! Given the reactions we got afterwards, I think they've had a good time!

Afterwards we met up with new and old friends, chatting our way down the last hours of the day.

These moments of a concert-day always seem to fly by and the clock seems to go twice to speed in these hours. With a little shock we noticed the time and started loading up the car. Chris drove us home safely, where I was having great difficulty keeping my eyes open.

Back at the cabin we unloaded the car - which was done much faster then loading it - and got ourselves into our own little beds. Another memorable day.

Our audience - photo: Walter Goyen
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