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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Het Kommissiehuys, Nijega - 8th May

Chris Simpson writes - This has got to be one of the best times of the year. The Big Man picked us up at 3.00 and packed to the gunnells - we are off.

Holland is at its best for me in Spring and Autumn. We drove north across the polders under a delft blue sky and the fresh spring greens shaking in a warm wind from the south.

It is a fair way up here from Soest; through Friesland, the truly old part of Holland. If you can read middle English then you will be able to read an old Friesian poem, as that is one of the dialects that invaded our polyglot language.

Sure, it is ever as flat as a tablecloth, but up here the land is seamed with canals, great and small,and the big towns, Zwolle; Leeuwarden and Groningen sit like cherries on top of the cake. Ever onwards, tiny villages and that feeling of a closeness to the sky and the sea.

We have played in Nijega before. The other big man is there, Jan Bos the agent, a great bear of a man and someone I like immensely. Fans from way back turn up. Bloody hell - its more stairs again and hot as a docker's armpit up under the roof. Jan, the Willie Nelson lookalike is there on sound- and he IS good.

Load in and set up and once again we're so impressed with the the quality of the new AER acoustic guitar amps. Great sound and we check and then go down to sit outside for dinner.

I get a lot of stick for wearing a pair of multi-coloured patchwork trousers I got from Lord Fancarl. We sit outside and had soup and quiche. Jan introduces me to his daughter who glowers at the sunburst trousers and the ham in my quiche and says she is a vegetarian. I smile in a friendly way and attempt to enhance anglo-dutch relations by pointing out that all vegetarians should be shot.

It's showtime. I had left my bandana at home so Linda cut up some black stage cloth and that sorted me . I looked like a reject from a Vietcong hit squad.

The sound was superb.

On we went through 'Gypsy', ' Long time Running', 'Shine', and the 'Fields of Eden'. The Big Man takes good care of you. Beers and wine in the dressing room and then he sells CD's downstairs. We end on 'Paradise Row', then downstairs to meet the people.

We really had got to them! One lady told me her boyfriend in Bristol had been to see Fairport Convention in England and sadly, had been bitterly disappointed. She said she was going to call him when she got home and tell him she had seen a REAL band.

Hmm... you take it all with a pinch of salt, but it is nice enough.

After we sit down in the bar chatting to folks and doing some business with Jan, then we're off, back across the land again, and into bed for 4.30. Eh, but I do enjoy an early night.

That was a good one.

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