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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

De Oude Remise, Nieuweschans - 26th April

Lind Simpson writes - I'm so sorry to have held everyone up. I've also made extra work for our wonderful webmaster but this has been a busy tour and, as everyone knows, a woman's work is never done - I have to look after my boys!!

The venue and our audience

So... This was the day we left Matt's home in Borcullo and came to Soest. The previous night was late so we emerged from our respective pits with a certain amount of reluctance. Another beautiful day made it a little easier and we were soon into the process of chucking everything in the 4-track and Matt's car.

We made it into Soest for 12:30ish, as planned, then we had only 2 hours to get some provisions, pick up another pile of things that we had dropped off before going to Matt's and try to make some kind of sense of unpacking before Jan arrived to take us to the concert.

We tried, we failed; the place was a complete tip but we managed to salvage our stage gear and get off on time - well a little late - but nothing drastic.

It was good to be together again and the sun shone down on our little reunion all the way to Nieuweschans where we easily found De Oude Remise. It's an old train terminal and it's a beautiful building. I didn't ask but at a guess it was built around 1890 - 1900. There were lots of photographs of the place and those who worked there it was sobering to think that many of the faces in the pictures were witness to two world wars.

What a great place, and how friendly everyone was.

Bob was already there setting up the sound so we set our things up and had a look around the place. It was really tastefully done and, although the place was vast and very high, they had managed to create a cosy feel to it and make it very homely.

Wimke is a lovely woman, not only does she care passionately about music, she also cares about the performers, even to the extent of making us a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings!! The beef was done to perfection, the Yorkshire puddings? Well it was a first attempt - and it was better than my first attempt so I'm saying nothing more!!

Willem and Maria recommended this place and they arrived just before we had dinner. It was good to see them again too. We first met at the Café Amer and we get to know each other a little better every time we meet up. They are smashing people too - aren't we lucky to know so many nice folks?

We got changed in another vast room next door to the concert room, which is sometimes used for big events. There was so much stuff in there - from stage props to old freezers; we had quite an entertaining time working out what some things were for - and inventing alternative uses for some of them - but we won't go there!

Showtime - we launched into 'For the Gypsy' and it went from there. Our only new song is Greenhow Hill but 'Ticket to the Moon' is back in the set and so is 'Perfect Lovers'. We haven't changed much from the last tour but it is still the same season in the theatres so that's not a problem.

'Greenhow Hill' went down well again, it's a great song to do and it has the atmosphere of the place it is depicting, which is a satisfying feeling.

The audience was very appreciative, they sang in all the right places and I hope they all had fun - we certainly did.

Some  of our audience
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