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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Theater Het Pand, Gorinchem - 9th May

Linda Simpson writes - We bought a new toy, a loop pedal, but we haven't had time to try it out properly yet so we decided we would get to the gig early and have a play around with it. The idea was to set off in good time and get there for 4pm instead of 5pm. It didn't happen.

The traffic was desperate and we ended up having to do a detour. The end result was that we got there at 5pm - smack on time as far as the theatre was concerned - but no chance to try out the new toy. Actually Matt and I had already tried it out in the kitchen at the cabin, now Chris calls it the 'giggle box' because we were laughing so much as we kept getting strange noises out of it, but we think it's going to be very useful, especially to take some pressure off Chris with his ulna nerve problem.

Back to Het Pand...

We were disappointed to find that both Ferdinand and Hidde were in Texel - playing at our favourite place Kliff 12 - but we were not neglected with Mattijs on sound, Nanno on lights, Maarten on hand to help wherever he was needed, Ferdinand's daughter Roxanne who looked stunning and looked after us very well and Wilma on the bar. I hope I didn't miss anyone out.

Nanno set up the lights and also the smoke machine because he likes the effect with the lights. We felt like a rock band as the smoke swirled around the stage!

Hans Veen turned up, with his guitar and I apologise now because we forgot to invite him on stage to play (we put that right in Austerlitz). The sound check went well but then we found there was no time for the customary pizza so we ordered Indonesian food. It was very nice I have to say - and just hit the right spot, not too heavy so it.

Show time arrived and once again we saw lots of familiar faces. About half way through the first set it dawned on us that it was the 11th of May and in exactly one year's time we would be on stage in The Carré in Amsterdam. What a strange feeling that was. The nice thing is that most of the people who were at the gig will also be at The Carré, life has a way of sneaking up on you sometimes.

It was a nice concert but Roxanne was a little disappointed when she found we were not doing Backroads - she had brought a rather snazzy G string to throw at Matt. We suggested she waited until Matt and I did a 'back to back' on Ordinary Man. She chose her moment well; he wasn't expecting it and so it finished him. His playing became somewhat erratic (no - not erotic) and there was the sound of laughter as my back rest became rather unstable!

By the time it came to take the photograph the place was so full of smoke that I couldn't get a shot that didn't look as though it was rather foggy - see what I mean?

I'm not complaining though, it was a lovely gig and we had a great time in the bar afterwards. Sylvia gave me a beautiful necklace and bracelet that she had made herself, I've hardly taken the bracelet off and I intend to wear the necklace for something special because it's a bit too special for every day.

It's always hard to leave the Pand and tonight was harder than ever because every gig we do now, we do for the last time, which is particularly poignant with our favourite gigs.

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