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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Private Function, Epe - 10th May

Matthijs Barnhoorn writes - Once every two years Leen and Ineke arrange a party in their beautiful garden, or as we call it 'Little Africa'. For the last 4 times Magna Carta played at these parties, which are always wonderful experiences. Today we were going to do it for the last time, just like so much other 'traditional' venues and places.

This year's weather was a big contrast to the last time we did a concert in Little Africa. Then we had to cope with sleet and cold wind; today it was sunny with a pleasant breeze.

We rolled up at about five o'clock and after a nice cool beer, a little chat with Leen, Ineke and their family and friends, we started unloading the car. Linda and I set up the stage and after that we had a quick sound check. Leo, our sound technician for the evening, had it all worked out. All went well.

Just after we'd finished all this, the wonderful 'Desperados' turned up. We took some of our equipment off the stage, so they had the space they needed. The Desperados have grown not only musically, but also in line-up. From four guys, two guitars, a set of bongo's and little hand percussion, they've gone to six (or seven if you'd include me) guys; adding bass guitar and a full percussion set including congas and timbale.

During their sound check we went for a lovely dinner buffet in one of the many party tents.

Somehow something most have gone wrong, because when The Desperados went on stage their sound was appalling. Nothing much they could do about it and so they kept on playing. Their material is getting stronger and stronger and somehow they'll crack the business, I'm sure. It was very enjoyable, in spite of the way it sounded.

After the set of The Desperados, it was our turn to take the stage. First we tried to get the sound back to normal, which took a little time. Once that was fixed, we were off. We played one set of about 1,5 hours. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everybody seemed to have good time.

After our concert we've sat around for some time. I planned with a friend of ours to go back home, so that Chris and Linda could stay at Little Africa, like we always do. By going back I missed a great time at the campfire, where some more musicians joined in and had a jam session. Amongst them were Elrieke and Leopold, who Chris invited afterwards to come up to Soest during one of our tour traditions: 'The Eekhoornnest Cantina Concert'.

As I heard the following day, the party carried on into the early hours of the following day and a goodtime was had by all.

The following morning Leen and Ineke provided everybody with a wonderful breakfast under the trees and after that Chris and Linda hit the road. We met up in Amersfoort again, prepared ourselves for the next concert and shot of towards Arnhem, our next stop.

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