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Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Current page: Concert Diary 2008

Concert Diary 2008

Huis van Puck, Arnhem - 11th May

Chris Simpson writes - A name that is etched into the minds of all those who survived the second world war.

Things have changed and in some ways for the better. Instead of establishing bridgeheads, we were scooting around the sun- baked streets in my Shogun.

Harry meets Harry

We found the Huis van Puck Theatre and loaded out.

One of those wonderful tiny theatres that abound in Holland.

We stunned our Press Officer, Harry Pater, by saying he could not come in. The real Harry Pater was inside! Harry is, -er,- rather well built and Jet Lovink had made a lifesize model of him. A rare wheeze and Harry was demolished - in a nice way.

Jeroen did a fine job on sound; Marinel did the lights, and Robert looked after us in terms of contract things. A lovely bunch of people, and nice to see so many old friends and Tony Green from Zevenaar. It was hot under the lights, - even with the windows open and each guitar had a new suit of strings on and they danced widdwershins in the heat. My hand, never at its best since the accident and subsequent operation, was not in good shape, but the bonhomie on the stage was superb.

On through the 'hits' and then the pauze to re-charge and re-tune. Linda and Matt did a tasty version of 'Terminal Case'.

The audience were wonderful and up on their feet at the end. We left knowing that in spite of the stresses and strains of time and circumstance, we are hitting them right where it hurts- in a nice way.

May places like this always be there.

Some  of our audience
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