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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

RTV Noord-Holland Session - 28th October

Linda Simpson writes - If you could have seen us this morning you would have laughed. I got up at 6:30 for my shower, Matt followed shortly after and then we got together to sing 'Good morning Mr Simpson' to Chris. I'm not sure how much he appreciated it as we were making up terrible lyrics and singing, I use the term loosely, at the top of our voices. Once we finished singing we just about has time for a bowl of Cornflakes and it was time to go.

Having loaded up the instruments we set off for to Amsterdam to do Radio Noord Holland. By then the only one that had anything to say was Doris (the Sat-Nav), who cheerfully directed us to our destination.

We had allowed extra time for the roadworks on the A10 but they had gone so guess what? ... we were early again!! The lady on reception confirmed this but she certainly wasn't expecting us. The alarm bells began to ring.

We sat in the canteen drinking coffee (how unusual) laughing at nothing in particular and generally trying to wake up. Then a very well-dressed gentleman came in. We found out later that his name is Pete but at that point we told him that he couldn't sit with us unless he was prepared to sing. So he did, and we did a passable version of 'Just in Time'- well actually it was dreadful but you wouldn't have known if I hadn't admitted it.

Pete was a whaler in years gone by, he admitted that these days he would be on the Greenpeace boat but those were different times. He sings with a band 'Woodside Big Band' and it sounds like they have a lot of fun. He loves Frank Sinatra - that'll do for me. He was there to do an interview for the same show that we were meant to be playing on.

Jan on the road

We chatted happily for a while until the presenter, Jos, came in. We knew straight away that we were in trouble when he gave us that 'What are you doing here?' look. It seems that they didn't get confirmation either and so he had invited other guests.

Chris piped up that we had been there all night, that he was on his 87th cup of coffee and that we had driven from Rome to be there. We laughed but it seems that Jos might have taken us slightly seriously as he did later ask if we had come all the way from Rome. Simon was called again and they worked out between them that we should record three songs, which would be played on a future show (the 11th of Nov to be precise).

Saturday morning is not a good time to find spare recording technicians so then Sander - who was already doing the show, and Doron, who had already done a full morning's work out on location were suddenly informed that they had us to deal with.

I felt sorry that it had caused so many problems but they couldn't have been nicer. Sander started to set us up and almost missed the start of the show that he was doing officially and then Doron came in and finished the job. We recorded three songs and then Jos came in to do the interview.

We were very pleased to have done something as it would have been too cruel to have been turned away after getting up at that time. On the 11th of November it will sound as if we are live on the show - only those who read this will know that trickery has been brought into play. We did record the tracks live though. We did get the chance to do one again but what you hear was all done in one take - we didn't try to gloss over any mistakes afterwards.

We bid them all farewell. We know that it was Jos' daughter's birthday so we hope that she had a good one - we would have recorded Happy Birthday to You if we had been asked.

On the way home we dropped into Dixons where the camera was pronounced officially dead so we bought a new one to make sure that you, and my Dad, won't miss out on the photographs. Now we'll see how good our insurance company is!

Back at the cabin Matt and Chris picked up the shopping list and the bonus card from C1000 - we were just 4 stamps away from a toaster and so off they went determined to spend enough to ensure that the toaster would be ours. They came back with it so Matt and I tested it out and plastered the resulting, very fine toast with peanut butter - much better than trying to do it in the sandwich toaster.

We had time to have an hour of sleep so we did just that - I have to admit I'm a bit tired now - it goes with the territory - just so long as it doesn't spoil the concerts it's OK.

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