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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Radio Gelderland - 24th October

Linda Simpson writes - We got to bed at around 2am - that was supposed to be an early night, but we just don't seem to be able to do it!!

Matt said he would set his alarm for 9am, have his shower and then wake me. I said thank you and set my alarm for 10am - the latest possible get up time to be ready for 12 noon, set off time. I woke at 9:45, no sound of anyone in the shower. Matt was still sound asleep. I got up, had a shower and then knocked on his door. Even that didn't work - Chris had to go in and wake him up later.

We had a treat when a squirrel decided he would have a go at getting the nuts we'd put out for the birds. He was quite an acrobat - and he made it to the peanuts. We watched him for a few minutes - he was lovely.

Our performance area

Matt and I had a bit of breakfast, Chris didn't bother, and we set off in the rain to do our thing. The radio station had warned us that there were road works in Arnhem so we set off with an extra 30 minutes to allow for any problems this might cause.

Road works? We didn't even see an abandoned traffic cone and with Dorris in charge (the sat -nav) we arrived 40 minutes early!!

We were met in by Elly, a really lovely lady on reception, who stole Chris' heart immediately; - although that might have had something to do with the 'Liquorice Allsorts' in the bowl on the counter. We had a coffee whilst Chris kept going back to the reception desk to talk to Elly (and steal sweets).

It was Eric van den Bergs show and Rogier was doing the sound. We set up and did the sound check, drank more coffee, and then Eric came in to do the interview. When asked about the music of today, Chris, being a true diplomat, said: "The radios are all playing so much rubbish...".

I don't know why but they let us carry on anyway.

They he asked about our dog Harvey - who is fast becoming more famous than we are!!

We did our two songs, drank more coffee - Chris finished off the 'Liquorice Allsorts' and I went down to the supermarket to buy another packet to replace them.

Elly was so nice she insisted on Chris keeping them, then she gave him the last Radio Gelderland baseball cap in the building - we felt that there was a bit of favoritism going on but didn't complain.

It was time to move on - we had a gig to do. We said thank you and waved goodbye, put Dorris back on the windscreen and off we went.

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