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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Wapen van Oudeschans, Oudeschans - 17th April

Linda Simpson writes - Today is Thursday, we're in Amsterdam tonight but I need to bring this diary up to date!!

Monday was an 8am start as we had worked out that we needed to set off at 10am to get there for 1am. I got up first, put the kettle on and showered, then came Barners who made the tea and then had a shower, then Chris who drank his tea and then had his shower. I'm so glad that no one sees us in the mornings - not a pretty sight!

As it was going to be a long day we figured we could risk a full English breakfast so out came the bacon, which had come all the way from Hebden Post Office (best cured bacon I've ever found) eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. Barners made the toast and very soon we were replete and ready to face the day.

It was a sunny morning and the traffic was not too bad so we made good time; arriving just a little after 1pm. in a tiny village where a huge old place had been converted into a very nice hotel/ restaurant/conference centre/whatever you could think of really. It had been done very well and retained all its original charm. Jan Bos met us in and led us into a huge function room set out with tables and chairs and a very nice stage. The sound-man was called Jan too - so he became 'Jan Sound' and that was that! It soon became clear that Jan Sound knew exactly what he was doing and he explained that he worked mostly with acoustic acts because that's what he liked best - who could ask for more.

Anyone looking for a good man in the North, try

We set the sound and then went to get ready. Everyone was very friendly and we were ready to start at 3pm.

We do find that people in the north can be a little shy to start with but, as this was a very small village (yes even smaller than Hebden), we felt at home and it wasn't long before we were all very comfortable and enjoying ourselves.

I know that several people were expecting us to do some of the older songs but, as we explained, we can't stay in the past. Chris has been writing for over thirty years now so we have a very large pool of songs to choose from. Anyway, it seemed that we did no harm by playing more recent material, as there were a lot of smiling faces and a lot of tuneful voices too.

At the interval...

At the end of the concert we had some wonderful food - we really did enjoy the frittes met fritte saus (my Dutch spelling leaves a lot to be desired) and kroket - along with a lovely salad. Yes we know it's basically Dutch junk food - but to us it's a real treat.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye and head on down the road. We thanked Ina for coming and bringing the new 'Paul Stewart' album (more about that later); said goodbye to Jan Bos and Jan Sound whom we will be seeing again; and set of down the road again to try to catch the end of Matt's Mum's birthday party. Sadly we didn't get in until after 10 so everyone had gone except the family but that did mean that we could relax with a cup of coffee and some pleasant conversation before heading off to bed. It had been a good day…

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