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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Omroep Ede Radio Session - 25th November

Linda Simpson writes - Bea Koops was at the concert in Ede - she had asked us if we would come to Omroep Ede, a local radio station, to do an interview and maybe a song or two. Of course we said yes - we love the small stations - they are run by volunteers and are always special.

This one was no exception!

Annemarie met us at the door with a big warm smile, she then ushered us into the reception area where there was a table groaning under the weight of the food - there to make sure we didn't go hungry.

There was everything you could think of - and even that was not the end of it as, at 12 o'clock Annemarie disappeared for a little while and came back with a bag full of Kroketten. How could we refuse? We love them and even though we had already eaten quite a bit - we can always find a bit more room for our favourite Dutch 'junk food'- they certainly beat beefburgers!!

Martin, Ger and Ruben were the technicians. Martin has two dogs but hadn't brought either of them - so no doggy fix today. We did see photographs of them but it would have been good to give them a cuddle.

Having eaten it was time to do some work. Pieter was the presenter and he had some good questions - what he wanted to do and it was refreshingly different.

As it was a small station, it was impossible to set up much in advance. We had to set up in the live studio when tracks were playing - and then be quiet when the microphones were open. I believe we got it wrong a couple of times and the listeners were treated to a blast of guitar or "where does this go?". It must have sounded very funny.

Pieter the Presenter

Eventually everyone was line checked and it was time to start. There were a couple of funny moments as the wrong tracks came through, but that was surpassed when we started to play because we lost Chris' guitar completely for a whole song - I bet the listeners were having a giggle at our expense.

Bea had also arranged for local TV to come and film the whole process. At one point I had two cameras in front of me, and someone else taking photographs - I lost concentration and completely forgot part of the song I was singing! Lucky for me it doesn't really matter because it's a new song and as no one has really heard it so they don't know what it was supposed to sound like! We did an interview and 4 live songs. It was a bit chaotic but, given the situation, it was not a bad effort - and it was very enjoyable of course.

After the show we removed all the equipment in the same way as we set it up - while records were playing - and eventually we were all back in the reception area.

Everyone was pretty pleased with the way it went - we just wished that we could have done something about Chris's missing guitar - but live is live - and there's no going back!!

We sat chatting for ages after the show. Bea was so good to us - even insisted that we take home the white wine that she had brought especially for us... She's a real sweetie.

They are building a new station next year and we have threatened to go back and do it all again.

Thanks everyone - there are not many better ways of spending a 'Day Off'. I hope we'll see you all again.

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