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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Laser Radio with Sieb Kroeske - 16th November

Linda Simpson writes - It wasn't a bad morning. Chris set off down the forest path to have coffee at the cantina with the De Jong team. He came back with the mail, which included a newspaper review of our concert in Emmeloord. The reporter mentioned nearly every new song individually. He had mostly enjoyed the music, but thought that we were a bit too concerned about our age and that we perhaps had too much going on in between the songs. He also was quite right that we hadn't thought about the impact of following a sensitive song with something that was rather 'bouncy' to say the least.

As I have already said, we don't mind constructive criticism. It was a good piece of journalism and we have made a few alterations based on his observations.

And now - the radio...

Sieb Kroeske is a real music man - he loves it and lives it and he likes to be involved with every aspect of it. He does his job well and he gets to know musicians on a personal level. In short he is a 'JOLLY GOOD EGG' - and we love him to bits.

We knew we were doing the show tonight but we didn't have the final details so we checked the e-mail to find that Sieb had given us the directions and, in passing, he mentioned that they had two really good microphones.

We had already agreed to play live and two microphones didn't quite fir the bill on the equipment side of things! Four instruments and three vocals into two microphones? PANIC!!

After the experience of the night before we did a quick calculation and worked out that if there was an engineer we could probably provide all that was needed.

We called Sieb - no there was no engineer available, and so to PLAN B.

Take the instruments anyway and spend the afternoon listening to all the recordings of all the gigs for versions of the new songs that we could use on air. Time was limited but I did manage to find enough - including one song taken from a handy cam recording of the concert we did in Café Amer! I ran off a copy of the songs I'd found, then we threw everything into the four-track, clipped Doris into place, and headed off into the night.

We arrived on time (thank you Doris) to find that Sieb had ordered in a Chinese meal - it was really good and tasty. There was enough to feed an army so we didn't do it real justice, but it was nice to relax and find out what Sieb had been doing since we last got together.

9 o'clock and it was time to start the show - we tuned up and put our instruments in the studio. Sieb played 'Airport Song' and we were off. It was very funny at times. Chris can be a monster when he's in the mood for fun and Matt is fast catching up so I have the feeling that Sieb was sometimes a little unsure of where it was all going.

On air with Sieb Kroeske

It was live, it was world-wide and it was his show - I could see why he might be a little nervous at times. It actually went very well and it was nice to see all the e-mails coming in too - we tried to photograph the screen but it didn't really work. In the end we did play one song in the studio - into the two microphones. I have no doubt that it was not the finest thing anyone had ever heard but we had to give it a go.

When our part of the show was over we had a chat about the possibility of doing a live gig at the station. There is a stage and concert room downstairs which can be linked to the radio show. It's a great idea and we'd love to do it if it can be arranged. We'll keep you posted.

All too soon it was time to load up again and get back to Soest. I felt quite sad waving goodbye out of the window - we were leaving Sieb on his own to finish his show. It had been a lovely evening and I hope that we do see him again this time.

Thank you Sieb for your friendship and your help. I hope you read this and I hope you find it amusing that the boys missed a James Bond film in your honour!!

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