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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Witte Theater, IJmuiden - 7th October

Linda Simpson writes - We always look forward to going to the Witte theater - they are such a great bunch of people and the audience is one of the best.

Frido called up on the day that we arrived to check that everything was OK - Chris told him that it was impossible to do the gig because he, Chris, was washing his hair. I think that probably set the tone for the whole concert!

When he's in Holland and we're in England'' Matt plays with The Desperados and we found out this time that, being young, they all like to leap about on stage. Matt had apparently become quite good at this and we were discussing this particular subject as we arrived outside The Witte Theater.

Chris, who will probably outlast the lot of us, decided that Matt knew nothing about 'leaping about' and proceeded to demonstrate (in the car-park) how it should be done. It was inevitable really - one giant leap for mankind, one pulled muscle for Chris. He really was in pain but there was little we could do to help - we were laughing too hard!!

Our dressing room

The doors opened; Frido, Michel and Frank greeted us as if we had never been away, and indeed it felt as though we had only played there last week rather than last year.

Copious amounts of coffee, an easy sound check and plenty of chat, mostly on the problems brought about by the EU expansion and the fact that 'Big Brother' truly is watching us now (or are we just getting old and grumpy?). A nice dinner and then it was show time.

It was sold out and, sadly, some people were turned away.

At the moment we're starting the evening with a song which requires the audience to 'ba boom' in all the right places. Matt is still trying to get to grips with counting them in and the whole thing is a glorious shambles - a good start.

When I first started playing live my Dad had some advice for me. I will explain it at the end of the diary as I don't want to spoil it for the concerts, but my Dad is called Harry and when the photo is taken the audience is shouting "Hello Harry". Sadly this photo didn't turn out so he will be one short, but I intend to put them all in an album for him at the end of the tour.

We're still moving the music around and hope to have a whole lot more new material by the end of the tour, but it's still nerve-wracking playing new songs. Chris can always remember the music and I'm pretty good with lyrics so we can always get to the end of a song - it's what happens along the way that can sometimes be very funny. I have been known to play a 13 bar blues (it should of course be 12) and Chris has sometimes uttered some amazing lyrics when he has to make them up on the spot. It's all good fun, but the Dutch audience is not easily fooled!!

It was a good night, I think everyone enjoyed it, but it was all over too soon.

Afterwards we went into the bar and met up with those who stayed behind for a drink before going home.

All too soon it was time to leave but the good news is that Michel wants us back next year - we'll be looking forward to it.

Our audience
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