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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Theater Achterom, Hilversum - 27th October

Linda Simpson writes - Playing in Hilersum today means that we can relax a little - we tried to take advantage of the fact that we didn't have to get up for anything - but I woke up at 9:15 and by the time I'd filled the kettle everyone was up.

We've got a problem with the hinge on the back door of the four-track so Chris went off to try and sort tat one out. I brought the diary up to date and sent it off to the webmaster then did a wash - mostly towels so no ironing (I hate ironing). I also put the recordings from Heerenveen onto the computer - it's a really good sound - but I don't think there was any track that was perfectly played. It will be a good guide for us to hear how the new songs are sounding. I was thinking about the possibility of doing a CDR for each of the friends with the new songs on it - but we have to get a bit better yet before I can decide.

We got the photo from Marc at De Lampgiet - the photo was very good in terms of lighting, and composition - the only thing that spoilt it was us - we had silly expressions on our faces, but thank you Mark for trying - it would have been great if you'd had a different act to photograph!!

Before we knew it it was 4pm and Jan was knocking at the door - it's always good to see his face around the door. We had a quick coffee and then headed for Hilversum. I had given Doris the wrong address so she dutifully took us to an empty house in a back street in Hilversum. Luckily the venue wasn't too far away - and we were early anyway (this is getting to be a habit).

Sold out!

The theater was really lovely - they mostly do plays, which explained why the stage took up half the room. Theo was doing sound, Rob was on lights and Stefan was co-ordinator. I think that's the fastest sound-check so far - we'd hardly plugged in when we were finished and ready to rock. (just a figure of speech).

The lads went for a little walk around before the pizzas arrived (yep pizzas today - we're getting into the swing of it now). We got ready and then Chris told me that Jos had brought two friends from Syria and had asked if we would do the song that we learnt in Gaza. It had been a while and I wasn't too sure of the pronunciation but had a go to start the show. It was very lively and we certainly had a good time of it. We seemed to be on good form - always the way when there's no recording. Fields of Eden was probably the best rendition yet.

After the break we did the song 'This time Around'- the song that Chris wrote for Jos and Pernilla - and their baby boy. I found it quite hard to sing because he was sitting there right in front of us - I had a lump in my throat - I really am getting softer as I get older!!

Then it was time for 'Backroads' the song in which Young Barners' does his thing and leaps about a bit.

Given the success of the photos the other night I asked a member of the audience to take a few shots for us. Young Matt did us proud - he was very manic and everyone loved it. Then I wanted the camera back to take a shot of the audience - I was a bit restricted by the length of my guitar lead and somehow didn't manage to grasp the camera - it fell to the floor and the batteries shot all over the place. We put the batteries back in but sadly it has given up on us. Ah well - we'll have a trip to Dixons and see if they can help us.

The rest of the gig was fine - and everyone sang very well so that was great.

We had a nice surprise at the end when we found that Rob was in the audience and also Ruben and Willemien - who were all looking just great.

We packed up and went home. Jan started laughing on the way back - he said it was really funny listening to us after a gig - each one blaming the others for any mistakes that had been made. I hadn't realised that we did that - but he's right we do - there had been one or two absolute howlers this night so we were even worse than usual.

We then started discussing the radio the following day. I was convinced that it was a 9 o'clock get in for a 10 o'clock show. I honestly thought that I had printed out all the details at the same time as I printed out the last two radios but when we got back I found that I hadn't. We then checked the e-mail and found that we had confirmed that we would do it - but had not received confirmation that it was on...

We checked the radio web site and found no reference to Magna Carta for the show so we had to phone Simon (promo) and ask if it was still on. He told us that it was, and that he'd already sent confirmation to both the radio station and ourselves. We were expected at 9:30 to record at 10.We checked the email again but we hadn't received anything to that effect.

We made ourselves a hot drink and sat talking for a while before going to bed. We know we should have gone straight away but it's virtually impossible for anyone to get home from work and go straight to bed - we're no different...

It had been a good night and we were still on a bit of a high - that's just the way it is. We did go to bed a bit earlier than normal - it was 2:30 instead of 3am.

Our audience
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