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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

April Candlelight Theater, Haarlem - 15th April

Linda Simpson writes - Back to the land of the ham en kaas tosti and the best pancakes in the world!!

We arrived in time for coffee (planned) and then, after giving everyone a BIG KISS - we unloaded everything into the cabin that would be our home for the next few weeks.

The first few hours are a bit strange, as we don't have the routine that we have at home; fires to clean out and a black lab asking to be taken for a walk. It all seems very quiet without our budgies and Harvey but it doesn't take long to set everything out.

We always have to do a bit of shopping although I admit we always bring huge boxes of Cornflakes and wheatabix, I also usually bring butter (Lurpak), English tea bags, Heinz Tomato soup, fresh double cream, gravy granules and powder and a few other things that we can't get easily here - but then we go shopping for all the things we can't get at home like decent coffee, coffee melk and stroopwaffles. Once all that is sorted out we feel at home again and can look forward to the concerts.

Matt joined us on the Thursday and he and Chris went out for a drink while I prepared dinner - nothing too strenuous - lasagne and salad. After that it was an early night (ha ha) looking forward to the first concert.

Candles for sale...

The roads were quiet due to the holiday so we arrived in good time and had a warm welcome from Tim and then Rob. Coffee was offered and gratefully accepted and then we set up the equipment. Rob and Tim very kindly gave us a little tour of the candle works, which was very interesting, I can certainly recommend a visit if you're in the area. They also do workshops so if you have a group of children that might be interested in making their own candles - why not give them a ring?

After the tour we did the sound check and just finished as the lovely Bianca (in a pair of very snazzy white boots) and Jessica came in with the evening meal. Some of you might have noticed the comment about balls on the guest book page - we make no apologies - the meal was fine meatballs and we had quite a feast. For some reason Jessica had a sausage rather than meatballs, which caused even more comments, but we won't discuss that here.

The concert started and I felt that we were not quite 'on it' but then our last few gigs had been in the UK and Holland is very different. We had to get used to being here again. The Dutch really do listen to the words of the song (or 'text' as they call it) and they are also a lot quieter than a UK audience, which is a little unnerving at first. By the time it got to the second half we were back into the swing of it and I felt we made a much better job of it.

It seems that what we did was also well received as quite a few stayed behind for a chat - that's always nice as it gives us a good idea of which songs are going down well and whether there is anything we can do to improve things.

Staying for a chat...

When everyone had gone I asked Bianca where she got her boots - I just love white boots and have noticed that they seem to be back in vogue this season. We were half planning a shopping trip, which had our husbands worried for a while there, but I have now found a pair, so there's no need to put them through the agony of seeing how much money we can spend in a few hours on the loose!!

I hope that we will be able to play the theatre again as it has a great atmosphere and we could perhaps also buy a few more candles to take home - not to mention the rather fine candelabra which would go a treat in our sitting room.

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