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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Cultureel Centrum Cardo, Nijmeegsebaan, Groesbeek - 12th October

Matt Barnhoorn writes - Hello everybody! Yogurt Pot here, with a write up in Dunglish (Dutch English). Linda asked me if I'd like to do another write up and I'd happily said 'yes'.

The tour has started off. It's been real good so far and very enjoyable - touch wood. After a couple of days of performing we had some days 'off'. These days were mostly spend, reorganizing the cabin, rehearsing and preparing lists of theatres to contact for next year (because the Dutch theatres have got this habit of booking acts a season ahead).

However, on Monday we did find some space for shopping. Linda had to buy a laptop (because her 15 year old, steam-driven laptop was more likely to pick up mail from Pony Express then Outlook Express) and Chris got a 'Garmin' (a Satellite Navigation System or SatNav) which was a Christmas and birthday present in one. This was all bought at the department of Dixons in Soest. We got home as little kids who were treated with an extra sweetie.

Back at the cabin, Linda installed the new laptop and after that we all sat around the SatNav. It was great to see all this new equipment work.

The following morning we decided that we needed some additional parts for the new equipment. Off we went to Dixons, where we were welcomed with a big smile and a warm handshake.

Chris playing the fool again

After closing hour Linda found out that some of the new bought items weren't quite the items we were looking for. So we had another excuse to drop in to Dixons the following day.

Wednesday morning Chris and I set off early for the mission. Chris had to go to Blokker (he's the one in charge when it comes to candles, you see) and I galloped into Dixons.

I explained that going to Dixons would become our daily trip out, this tour.

With a loud 'See you tomorrow!' and a shop full of laughter I left.

That brings me to Thursday. No Dixons today...

Although it was great doing another concert, we missed 'the fourth member' on this night. Unfortunately Jan couldn't make it tonight, so we had to do it without him. However, it was a good training for Doris (the SatNav) to guide Chris to a destination, further than Amersfoort.

Well, what to say about Doris? She means well; she's great when it comes to repeating and giving alternative routes in cases of slow and stationary traffic, but the pronouncing... Vondellaan becomes vonDELlaaN, not to mention Stichtse Rotonde or Willem de Zwijgerlaan (with among others the famous Dutch 'G'-sound).

Doris did a great job, which resulted in Chris drove us straight to CC Cardo.

Here we got a very warm welcome by Kees and René. We unpacked the 4-track, set-up the stage and had a coffee. After that we did a quick sound check. The sound out front (done by Toni) and that on the monitors (by René) was just great.

Henny (the organizer for the night) brought us to our dinner, were we met up with Jet.

After we had dinner, we got into our 'stage uniforms'. The three of us remembered this venue among others because of the number of theatre requisites. We had the time of our life dressing up silly. From sunglasses to cowboy hats, everything came out of the wardrobes.

The concert itself went wonderful. Although the distance between us and the audience was a bit bigger than we're used to, we had to come into the feeling of performing from this stage.

But ones we got into this feeling, there was no stopping.

Chris was cut back, because of the comments of René's about Chris' stories last time (according to René the show of Magna Carta last year took twice as long as the other shows did).

Never the last, I backed our act up (WINK). After some funny comments about me playing along with other bands, my 'leaping about' was brought to light...

This night was something extra... because of the space on stage I managed during a solo to slide on my knees with the mandolin stuck behind my head to the edge of the stage. I felt Chris his wishful thoughts in my back, but I didn't go over the edge.

Anyway, we got ourselves a great time!

It was truly great to meet up of with my two little sisters - who are just wonderful characters - , new and old friends afterwards and working with the crew at Cultural Center Groesbeek again. To all you I say: Thank you all for a wonderful night and hope to see / hear from you soon!

Lots of love from all of us!

Our audience
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