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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Theater 't Voorhuys, Emmeloord - 29th October

Linda Simpson writes - We got up OK and didn't feel bad at all. Jan came, we had a 'good morning' coffee then piled into the 'band buggy'. Once again we had a lovely sunny day so all was good in the world.

Doris did her bit and took us straight there. We couldn't help but notice the rather fine looking vintage Mercedes parked out back - bright red and gleaming. It turned out that it belonged to the sound and lights man, Rob. The other stage coordinator was called Jan. They greeted us and helped us with setting up. The coffee appeared, and we did a very nice sound check. We met with Diana who was acting for the director, she was a lovely lady - made us feel very welcome.

One minute we were laughing and joking around, and then suddenly we only had 15 minutes left before the audience came in - and another 15 minutes after that to get ready. If felt like we'd just lost the hour that we'd gained!!

Chris telling yet another story

Instead of the usual two sets we were asked to do one set of 60 to 70 minutes. That's a strange way of working for us. Our first set usually starts a bit low key and builds up to 'The Fields of Eden' and the 2nd set is more energetic. We re-arranged the numbers until we thought we had it about right.

It was a rush to get ready and then we hit the stage at a bit of a run.

I don't know what it was, maybe we were a bit too up-front, maybe we didn't have the balance right, maybe it was because there was no break in the middle, or maybe it was just because it was Sunday afternoon, but we couldn't 'reach' the audience. The stage was quite high and the audience was sitting in lovely comfortable seats in the dark. They were great, and they seemed to be enjoying it, but we couldn't close the gap between us. This is most unusual for us and we couldn't work it out.

We're just ourselves on stage - we love to have a good time and we want the audience to feel as though they are part of it all, more like a family gathering than a concert.

It was not a bad concert, in fact in terms of playing I think this was the best performance we have given so far. The sound on stage was fabulous - it was like playing in our own front room but louder.

We went into the bar afterwards where we talked with some of the audience. They all said the sound was great and they were most complimentary about what they had heard. As I have already said, there are two gigs - theirs, and ours, and it seemed that they had no problem with it at all. There you go.

I had been avoiding alcohol all week because it's too easy to drink too much when you're working six nights in a row. The concerts were now over so I gratefully accepted a beer from Jan. It was a small one (no he wasn't being mean they simply don't do pints in Holland) and I was thirsty so it disappeared fast.

Normally on concerts we get drinks free, so when Matt and I went for another drink, I was surprised that the barman wanted to charge us. We were still in our stage outfits and so didn't have any money. It was a bit embarrassing really. We said we would sort it out and, if we needed to, we would come back and pay.

Our audience

I asked Jan if it was a misunderstanding. He explained that it was their policy to give drinks before the performance and that we should pay afterwards but, given the circumstances, he would sort it out. I didn't go back to see the barman because we then cleared the stage and left, but I hope that he was not upset by the incident.

I had given the mini disk player to Rob at the start of the gig and was looking forward to the result. Rob also wanted to hear it. He tried to play it back through the system but nothing happened. Sadly I didn't know that the recording levels had to be set manually because it's only automatic when it's a digital recording. We were both disappointed - the tape seemed to be blank.

When we got home I linked the mini disk to the computer to find that it had indeed recorded, but at very low level. When I tried to boost it I got a lot of static but it would have been excellent. It's a shame because I was hoping to use it for the Friends of Magna Carta for Christmas - but we'll just have to keep trying. Thank you anyway Rob - you did a great job.

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