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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Cultura, Ede - 18th November

Linda Simpson writes - After the late night we rose a little late and then had a nice lazy breakfast with Matt's family. As we ate we listened as they made up a song for a party they were going to that afternoon. Being helpful, as we are, we were suggesting alternative lyrics. Sadly our lyrics were not acceptable because they were in English (although I don't think that was the only reason) but there was plenty of laughter, which is always a good way to start the day.

We had to get back to Soest to do a bit of shopping and get ready before Jan came to pick us up. We said a fond farewell, wished them luck with the song, had lots of hugs and kisses and then set off for Soest. It was a beautiful day - Doris was on good form - and Matt was pointing out all the places that had marked his childhood. It was a warm feeling.

The trees are really beautiful right now and I was cross with myself for leaving my camera where I couldn't get to it. Matt took a shot through the windscreen and caught Doris off guard.

We got back, unloaded and straightened ourselves out just in time for Jan's arrival. Then we loaded up again and set off for Ede. We heard that, despite a few problems, Santa had arrived in Holland. Jan's family had sent a Zwarte Piet' (Black Pete) for me - which I pinned to my microphone stand. Christmas in Holland is a little different to that in England - Black Pete checks out if the children have been good and whether they should get presents or not. My Black Pete was there to watch the audience and make sure they behaved!

We had asked Coenraad, who took the great photos at Druten, if he would mind doing it again, and he had chosen this date to take more shots. Jurgen, from the Lampegiet, was also coming to record the concert for us, so there was quite a bit happening. After the latest review, and the fact that we had gone on far too long the night before, we also decided to try to re-arrange the sets a little.

Chris and Matt doing their sound check

Errol met us in. What a great guy, he made us very welcome and nothing was too much trouble - there's nothing nicer than a great welcome to get you off to a good start.

Next we met Albert-Jan the sound engineer, and Eric the lighting technician, then we started setting up. Jurgen arrived and happily worked along with Albert-Jan. Once we were set up we left them to it and asked them to give us a call when it was sound-check time.

Back in the dressing room we had a lovely surprise - Jan's wife, Anne-Marie, had brought Bibiana to see us. Bibiana was so excited about Santa's arrival it was really lovely to see. We did laugh when we found that Bibiana is a little wary of Chris because 'He has too much energy'.

Anne-Marie and Bibiana left, we had a great sound check then the boys went off for some dinner and Coenraad arrived with Jaqueline his lovely wife. We had a couple of informal shots taken in the dressing room and re-arranged the sets - then it was a bit of a rush to get ready to go on.

This is now going to sound silly. Normally before a show I pace up and down for a good ten minutes getting myself wound up for the start. Chris has his own routine and I haven't asked Matt, but I'm sure he also has his own way of doing it. Well, with all the wonderful people and happenings we hadn't had the chance to do any of it and so went on stage 'cold'. It was a weird feeling and, as the Ede audience is a little bit reserved, I found it very difficult to start with. Chris also had a problem because he came in like a ship in full sail - unable to stop when he reached the microphone! Leads were flying everywhere. It was very funny but it's strange when everything is unsettled. It made us a little self-conscious and so we were also very aware that we were being recorded. I don't think we gave a perfect performance of any of the new songs, but I hope I'm wrong.

What was really nice was that sound, lights and act all congregated in the dressing room in the break. That was really good as it gives the feeling that we're part of a team, which of course we are.

It was a lovely concert, lots of fun, the re-arranged sets worked fine (although they might still be a bit long) and the sound and lights were perfect. By the last song everyone was singing along, which I have since found out is really unusual - I had a mail from someone who said they'd never known that in 38 years! We must have done something right.

At the end of the night Trijn, the programmer, seemed very pleased with it all and bought us another drink. She was also a lovely person. In fact we didn't meet anyone in the theatre who was anything other than good to us. Thank you so much for a great night folks!

Our audience
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