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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Muziekcafé Backstage, Deventer - 7th May

Linda Simpson writes - We didn't exactly get up early - but hey - we're on tour!! We were enjoying a leisurely breakfast when Matt realised that he had left a bag at The Park Theater - PANIC!! - It's always the one with your passport in isn't it? As Matt had to call the venue, I sheepishly admitted that I had left my glasses there and asked if he could check to see if they'd found those too.

We were in luck - Debbie was there and had everything under control - both bag and glasses were in safe hands. Matt's Dad very kindly offered to go back for them, which was very good of him, as he had encountered a certain amount of difficulty leaving the place the night before. It turned out that he had been let out through the fire exit but then couldn't get out of the yard that he found himself in - there was a gate, which, once located, was not easily opened. It's a good job he made it out eventually - otherwise we would have all gone hungry!

Harvey says thank you

We set off early for Deventer so that we could call at the home of Harvey's friends Bo and Goofy (we're talking dogs here) Whilst we enjoyed coffee and Advocat (word has spread), the dogs played ball and gave me a couple of presents to take back for Harvey. Hanneke helped them with the wrapping and so Harvey says thank you

As we had coffee we heard that, from next year, new EU regulations mean that farmers will no longer be able to dock lambs tails by putting rubber bands on them. Our friends here farm sheep and had left the rings off a few sheep to see what would happen; the poor sheep ended up extremely dirty in the nether regions and now require cleaning up on a regular basis. This is not an easy job for the farmer - and very stressful for the sheep. Who are these people who make such stupid unworkable rules? This is just one of many regulations - where is it going to end?

We still had a gig to do and so, after a pleasant interlude and a missed photo-opportunity (Chris sitting on a tractor) - we set off for Deventer.

Matt chastising Chris

We have never played 'Backstage' before. It is a lovely acoustic music venue and they had really done a good job on selling the tickets so we had a full house. The weather was lovely and we were told we could sit outside at the back for our meal.

It didn't take long for Chris and Matt to notice the various toys including two small bikes and a hoola-hoop. The result was predictable - but very funny. We all had a go with the hoola-hoop but were not terribly successful. It seems that everyone used to be able to do it but, unlike riding a bike, it is not something that you can pick up again without some effort.

It was a lovely evening but we lost sight of a friend who came into the back yard while we were having our dinner - we said we'd see him later - and then didn't manage to find him in the interval. I hope he wasn't offended.

No matter how nice it is to see friends at gigs, it is also nice to enjoy our dinner in private and we do try to keep that time to ourselves if possible.

The gig itself was lovely, we were treated really well, the sound was good and we hope everyone had a good time. There's not much more I can add except that it is a very nice venue and it is a compliment to the management that it attracts the kind of people that you would be happy to invite to your home.

As we headed back to Soest we realised that the time had run away again and ewe only had one gig left to do.

Boo, hoo...

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