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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Parktheater, Arnhem - 6th May

Linda Simpson writes - One thing the Dutch really have got together is 'finding your way around'. They have a series of easy to follow maps - and they also sell a book of street maps, which covers most Dutch towns. Armed with these you have no excuse for not getting to your destination - except in Arnhem... It all hung on turning left after going under the railway bridge - but it quickly fell apart when we found that we couldn't get under the bridge for major roadworks. No problem, we turned eft and headed for the next bridge so that we could go under that and turn left. We did indeed go under the bridge and found that we could only turn right. Round and round we went in a one-way system that defied any attempt to get back to where we started. It is very frustrating to know that you are so close to the gig that you could be heard if you shouted - but you can't get the vehicle to it - Grrr. It took us about 40 minutes to find a way in - and that was more good luck than anything else. It also involved a small illegal manoeuvre!

Richard (the Boss)

It turned out that this was rather an ill planned date, there were lots of things happening in the town for a music festival, it was a public holiday and everyone had taken themselves out of town (probably to avoid the demon roadworks) and of course most people would give up on trying to get to the place. In short, we were not sold out, which is something we hate, but there wasn't much we could do about it two hours before the concert!!

Richard (the boss) didn't seem over worried so we set about doing the sound check. For some reason that didn't come together too well and took longer than normal, which left us with little time for dinner. Chris and Matt went off for a meal but, I can't sing too well on a full stomach, so I stayed behind to do my hair and make-up.

Debbie took pity on me and brought me a banana (so that I wouldn't starve) and then ordered a pizza for me for after the gig - that was such a nice thing to do - and appreciated I can tell you.

When the audience came in it turned out that we knew most of them personally - it seemed that it was the gig 'The Friends' had chosen to come to so that they would all see each other. What a nice surprise. It was a relaxed evening after that - lots of jokes and fun - and of course it was great to see everyone together like that.

After the concert, because the bar had to close at midnight, Richard let us go back into the theatre to finish our drinks and have a chat with those who didn't mind staying a little longer. We felt quite sad when it was time to go home, but we had to make our way back out of the centre and we did rather want to get home before dawn!

In the bar after the gig

We did get lost again (my fault), we shared my cold pizza on the way back to Matt's house and when we got in we found his Dad had very kindly bought us shoarma as an extra bit of supper - it never tasted so good.

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