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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Theater de Flint, Amersfoort - 9th December

Linda Simpson writes - The Flint is only ten minutes drive from Soest - the closest one, and guess what? We were late. Not much, but late is late huh?

Usually we perform in a different venue associated with the Flint - an old chapel - but the concerts there had to stop due to complaints from a neighbour about noise (it's along story so I won't go into it here) so we had moved to the main theater. It was a mistake because it wasn't the same and the audience didn't want to move. It did not sell as well as we would have liked and despite all our efforts we couldn't fill it.

We were greeted by Petro and Marcel who would be doing the sound and lights. We soon set up and, apart from a small problem with the monitors, we didn't have any big problems. As soon as the sound was set we went for dinner. Mirjam was still there and once again she produced a stunning meal - pork with an amazing sauce - I'll have to give it a go.


This was the last central gig and several great friends turned up to see the concert and then say goodbye for now. We also had representatives from Omroep Ede and Radio Soest and I'm so glad they could make it.

Best for me was our friend Peter; we had been corresponding but my last two letters had been unanswered and I was wondering if everything was OK, so to see him there was just great. I thought we might be able to have a chat at the end, but he had already gone by the time we got out, so now I shall wait for my first e-mail.

The concert went well, we even plucked up the courage to do 'Forever', a song that I have never performed live. Walter was in the audience and its one of his favourites so we decided to try - surprisingly it didn't go horribly wrong and so we were glad that we had made the attempt.

At the end of the evening we were making our way out to say 'Hi' and 'Goodbye' to some of the wonderful people we are lucky enough to call friends. Standing at the side were Kees and Gert (from the Chapel), I was really touched that they had bothered to look in on us but sadly didn't have much time to talk. I really do hope that we'll go back to the chapel - they are trying to solve the noise problem) - have a great Christmas boys!

The gig isn't over until you have seen as many people as possible afterwards. It always tears me apart. There is never enough time to spend with everyone. There's so much to say and yet I can't think of anything. I'm not making a very good job of explaining myself but I hope you'll get the idea. It's hard to give everyone the time and attention that they deserve before Packing up and leaving. It was a case of big hugs all 'round. Thank you to the new people that came, say goodbye to the friends that we'll be leaving behind when we go home on Tuesday. After all these years I still hate leaving, even though I know we'll be back.

Afterwards I wandered back into the stage area to find Jan already putting things away. The place felt huge and empty. The atmosphere had vanished into the night and the harsh lights made everything look cold. A lot was to do with my mood - but it was time to load up and leave.

Back at the cabin we had a couple of drinks before turning in. It was 2am by then, and we knew that we had to be up at 8am, but tomorrow is always another day... isn't it?

Some of our audience
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