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Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Current page: Concert Diary 2006

Concert Diary 2006

Café de Amer, Amen - 5th November

Linda Simpson writes - If you wonder what happens when we're not doing concerts; I can tell you that this time we're doing quite a bit of rehearsing to put in new songs. It is most enjoyable and very hard work, it also takes up a lot a lot of time. This is also the time for booking the theatres for next year and Matt and Chris are working on that too. So far we're up to 5 for spring and 16 for the Autumn tour 2007. I'll be doing all the contracts once they're finished with the initial bookings.

There's also all the mundane stuff, which goes with living - shopping, washing, ironing etc. and along with doing my fair share of that, I'm working on the computer side of things too. We've got all sorts of technical bits and pieces with us this time including a mini disk recorder and video camera, so I'm busy listening to hours of music to get good versions of all the new songs as demos. We're looking to get into the studio this year and we will need to have something for the record company to listen to. We've had a few failures but it's coming together. So we're not sitting staring at the wall.

We were looking forward to this gig very much - it's another one that we have done so many times that we now seem to be surrounded by friends rather than an audience.

Mark Dontje

Ineke was waiting to say Hi when we arrived, but sadly she couldn't stay because she had work to do. Ab was there to greet us in and there were also other friendly faces; Henk, a real sweetie, Ronnie who already had the sound system in place, Roel, who was waiting to video the performances, Jan, Jacqueline, Martha, Joost... There are more but I'd better leave it there or there will be no room to write anything else!

The sound check was very fast and the sound was great, Ronnie Snippe, the sound man, is also in a band and that probably helps a lot as they also use acoustic instruments. We set up the mini disk to record the gig but sadly we only managed to get the first half of the first half. That's a shame because it was a pretty good performance (we think) and the recording was also excellent... just not enough of it! Never mind - we've got quite a few concerts to go yet.

Mark Dontje went on first. He sounded so much like the young Bob Dylan with his first song it was uncanny. Then he moved on to do a very nice set. It's good to know that there are still young people that love the acoustic sound. It doesn't have to be 'folk', acoustic instruments can really rock. I got a photo but had to take it from the back and it didn't come out too well, sorry about that. If you would like to find out more about him, his personal web site can be found at He also plays with the band "Solid Grounds", whose web may be found at

Then it was our turn, and it seemed like everyone was with us from the word go. There was a lot of laughter but we also do serious songs, of course, and the feeling for those was amazing. I'm a real softy these days and have to admit that I am very much affected by the emotional content of some of the songs, so it was doubly hard when I could see that they were having the same effect on others. It's not easy to sing when your throat is tight!

It was a great time and it looks like we'll be there again next year. There were lots of folks to say Hi to after the gig, including Jans who came from Radio Noord, it was great to see him again. We also met some new people whom we hope will see again.

Ab asked if we would like to go out for dinner; that was really good of him, as we didn't expect it at all. Ab has been very ill, but his place is now so successful that there is no way he can give up. We all know that it has to happen one day but it is such a great place, such a melting pot, we don't want to think about it. Sorry Ab, you just have to go on for a while yet.

It took a while to clear all the gear up and get out, but eventually off we went to Grolloo to a restaurant which incorporated a function room, a bowling alley, a pool room, a party room - it was quite a concern. It always fascinates me to see these mini bowling alleys - there were just two lanes and it's a great idea because the town isn't big enough to have a full size bowling alley.

It was nice to have the time to just sit and chat. It's very hard to do that at the venue, as there are just too many distractions. Ab and Magna Carta go back a long way, we know that it's more than 10 years but we couldn't fix an exact date. We sat talking about old times as we enjoyed a very nice meal and then Ab had to go - he wanted to spend the evening with Ineke as she was going away for a few days. We couldn't argue with that - and we had to get home too.

Thank you to everyone, especially Ab and Ineke, for yet another great time in Amen. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Our audience
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