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Current page: Biographies - Tom

Current page: Biographies - Tom

Tom Hoy

Tom Hoy in concert - photograph by Harry Pater

Tom Hoy was born in Glasgow in the quaintly named “Rotten Row Maternity Hospital“. He started playing gigs at the age of 15, mainly rock and soul music, with a dusting of blues. It was around this time he also began to write songs and has been doing so successfully ever since.

At the age of 19, he formed the well loved Natural Acoustic Band, taking them down to London, where 16 different record companies tried to sign them on the strength of their live work. They eventually settled with RCA, making two highly acclaimed albums with John Denver’s producer, Milton Okun. They played gigs in Europe, Morocco and Tunisia, also appearing at every major U.K. venue from the Royal Albert Hall down. They often supported such acts as Don McLean, Ralph McTell and Country Joe and The Fish, appearing on the prestigious Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC TV with Alice Cooper.

Tom joined Chris Simpson and Glen Stuart in Magna Carta in the early 70’s, staying constant through changing line-ups and going on to record such well known and popular albums as ‘Took a Long Time’, ‘Prisoners on the Line’ and ‘Live in Bergen’. They toured extensively worldwide, appearing on television and radio throughout Europe and Scandinavia and the U.K, achieving chart success in Holland with both the single and album of ‘Took a Long Time’ (a song which he co-wrote with Chris). He often mentions that these were some of his happiest times, always thriving on the live performances.

After leaving Magna Carta, for around 10 years Tom toured Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Central America and even The Falkland Islands with his wife Geraldine. He then worked solo for several years and went on to take an extended break to help look after his autistic son Rory who is now an artist in his own right having had two highly successful albums of his own released.

Over the years Tom has teamed up with Chris from time to time to play some of the old songs together, including the 30th Anniversary show and more recently their highly acclaimed appearance together at the Royal Carré Theatre, Amsterdam where they rolled back the years for the band’s 40th Anniversary celebrations.