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Current page: Biographies - Matt

Current page: Biographies - Matt

Matthijs Barnhoorn

Matt Barnhoorn in concert

Matthijs 'Matt' Barnhoorn, born in 1983 in Alphen a/d Rijn (NL), always dreamt of being a musician. Alongside his classical violin lessons, he taught himself folk(rock) tunes and songs, playing along with cassette tapes. This is how he came to know about among others Dave Swarbrick, Fairport Convention and Whippersnapper.

In 1996 he met his heroes Ric Sanders and Chris Leslie of Fairport Convention. After a short interview the three of them played some music together and for quite some years Matt has appeared regularly with Fairport Convention in Holland and Germany.

In 2001 Matt met Chris and Linda of Magna Carta when they shared the bill with Fairport Convention and Acoustic Rescue.
Nobody knew at that time that it was the start of something bigger.
Matt’s role in Magna Carta increased, he learned a lot about the music business and music in general.

At the time of the final show in The Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam on May 11th 2009, Matt has toured 15+ countries over 4 continents.

After leaving Magna Carta he continued making music in all kinds of bands and projects. For a detailed overview, see his own website.

At the moment Matt plays for a Dutch band called Sue the Night.
In January 2015 the debut album ‘Mosaic’ got released and received promising reviews. Their first club tour got sold out on most venues, resulting in a busy festival summer.
No doubt this will lead to more!


Matt Barnhoorn's website