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Current page: Biographies - John

Current page: Biographies - John

John Shepard - Drums and Percussion


A lifelong Beatles fan and ex Leeds United youth team player, John’s influences and heroes are still Ringo Starr and Jimmy Greaves. Since the 60’s he has provided the back beats, up-beats and down-beats for countless bands, playing styles from Psycedelia to pop, and country to folk to rock to jazz.

John has always been in the music business, working in the promotions departments of CBS Records, Phonogram Records, Stiff Records, and Chrysalis Records, and turning fully professional in the early nineties. Since then John has toured with, amongst others, Brendan Croker and the critically acclaimed Dakota Suite, playing on most of their records to date.

In 1994 John joined GRP Recording artists ‘Acoustic Alchemy’ and in the six years that followed played twelve American tours, (every state including Hawaii, but not Alaska!) Italy, and four Far East tours including Japan, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. He played on the albums ‘Positive Thinking’ and ‘Arcanum’, which both topped the Smooth Jazz Album Charts in the USA, and the latter being nominated for a Grammy, and the DVD ‘ Best Kept Secret’.

Magna Carta

John met Chris Simpson in the early seventies, playing in the support band to Magna Carta at a gig in London, (“He came to our rather grotty dressing room and invited us to share their green room along with rider, food, drinks, everything! I’ve never forgotten that warm welcome”)

A few years later John was recommended to Chris by the Head of Promotions at Phonogram Records, and found himself on a tour of Norway alongside Doug Morter on Guitar and Lee Abbott on Bass. Many hours in the recording studio followed, and John has worked with Magna Carta on and off since then, playing on various albums and several tours of the Middle East, Holland, and, of course, the Yorkshire Dales!

Alongside Magna Carta, John plays with original band ‘Sentimentalists’ ( who played Glastonbury last year! ) and his own Americana covers band ‘Laurel Canyon Union’… both also feature his best band buddy Wendy Ross on violin.

John’s equipment includes Yamaha 9000 Recording Customs, and Vintage Ludwig Super Classic and Downbeat drumsets, and Zildjian cymbals.


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