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Current page: Biographies - George

Current page: Biographies - George

George Norris

George Norris

George Norris [photograph: Jennie Hay]

I started singing in church choirs where I developed in interest in harmony singing. I got together with friends and formed a couple of groups, one of which was called the Leftovers - so called because we were asked to take part in a musical event at our church: as we were the last people to be asked we thought that the name was appropriate. We also performed at a local tennis club where we met someone called Mike Lousada who eventually introduced me to Chris.

I gained experience at local folk clubs and along the way met Saffron Summerfield who I sang with for a while, eventually appearing on some of her records.

I got to know Ian A. Anderson (not of Jethro Tull fame!) and Maggie Holland who performed as a duo called Hot Vultures and when Maggie made a solo album called Still Pause she asked me to sing on it: (I seem to remember that it became a bit of a cult record in Japan!!)

I carried on singing both as a solo performer and with a woman called Henny Preston and still kept in touch with Chris who one day asked me if Iíd like him to try and get me a record deal to which I, of course, said yes. I happened to meet Al Fenn, who used to be in Decameron, and asked if heíd like to be involved in the project to which he agreed and eventually he and I joined Magna Carta, performing on the Midnight Blue album (which, If my memory is correct, we started recording on 5th. August 1980). Eventually I left the group but still kept in touch.

Since then Iíve performed both as a solo artist, during which time a made a cassette called Rhythms and Reflections on Brewhouse Records as well as performing with and recording two albums with Hilary Spencer (Other Roads, Other Lives & Afterimage). I also took part in two projects for Brewhouse, the first being a selection of songs collected by Frank Kidson and called Frank Kidsonís Traditional Tunes and the second a project undertaken for the British Council called Songs Of The British Islands.

As you can see folk music has played quite a large part in my life but I also perform songs by people like Cole Porter, Beth Neilsen Chapman, The Beatles - anything which I find interesting.

Iíve also performed on radio & tv including an instance where I appeared on Anglia Televison singing the Gnome Song whilst wearing the appropriate hat! I now sing with my partner, Jennie Hay in a duo called Joint Venture. We performed on the X Factor in 2010 ending up in front of Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell. Youíll be aware of what happened to Cheryl as a result of being dismissive about us.

And so here we are again treading the boards and looking forward to it.

George Norris, August 2011

Unfortunately George Norris passed away after battling with cancer on April 2nd, 2019.