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Current page: PAX Kinderhulp, Apeldoorn

Current page: PAX Kinderhulp, Apeldoorn

PAX Kinderhulp, Apeldoorn

An Account by Ben Koops

Already since 1972 Pax Kinderhulp is having as purpose offering children, mostly out of European countries, a holiday. War, poverty and violence do ascertain the life of these children. They often live under pitiful circumstances. It's for this reason that Pax thinks these children need a holiday, so they can escape from their sad way of life for a little while. Experiences of the past did learn that these holiday's do have a positive effect on the children.

Armenian children enjoying their Dutch Holiday

So far Pax is working for countries such as Poland, White Russia, Bosnia, Armenia, Berlin and Kosvo.

Money, to succeed in their work (all by volunteers), mainly comes from sponsors and charityactivities.

Volunteers in Apeldoorn take care of the activities for Armenia.

The situation in this country still can be named as very heavy after an earthquake in 1988. There's hardly work, people live in complete poverty and many of them do live in containers. Every year, in January, twenty Armenian children (8-12 years old) are coming to Apeldoorn for a well-deserved holiday. They stay with guest-parents for a month and are part of their family-life during that time. They also spend time at activities, organized by the volunteers of Pax Apeldoorn.

After these four weeks they return back to their country, a big experience richer. It makes their look on the world much more positive.

Since several years Magna Carta is familiar with the work of Pax Apeldoorn. They support the good work that these people do for the children.

In November 2005 Pax Apeldoorn organized a "Meet, Greet, & Eat with Magna Carta". A succesfull and voluntary concert of Magna Carta, of which all the produces where on behalf of the activities of Pax Apeldoorn.

The volunteers are very grateful to Linda, Chris and Matt for their support and stake. Also thanks to them, Pax Apeldoorn in 2006 (again) succeeded in their task, to give twenty Armenian children an unforgettable time in Holland!

For general information about Pax Kinderhulp:

For information about Pax Kinderhulp, Apeldoorn: