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Current page: Lord of the Ages and the Millennium

Current page: Lord of the Ages and the Millennium

Lord of the Ages and the Millennium

Chris Simpson took his theology degree at Kings College London, with a view to becoming a priest. Whilst at university it became apparent that he had a great talent for the written word, music and the acoustic guitar. After much agonising and seeking the advice of his Dean he realised that his path in life was to be 'the road', a term used by musicians to describe their life. In Chris's case this is an apt description, for now, in his thirtieth year as a musician, he can tell you that he has worked in 65 different countries and that the number is still growing. His zest for life and adventure remains undiminished. He is a fountain of stories, all true, born of experiences most people could only dream of.

In 1969 he formed a band 'Magna Carta' as a vehicle for his music. There have been many changes of personnel through the years, but as long as Chris continues to work, Magna Carta will survive.

Chris Simpson

In 1973 the work Lord of the Ages was penned. It was released by Phonogram in the midst of legal wrangles and for this reason was given very little publicity. Even without the usual music business hype it sold more than a million copies and is still selling today. Over the years this album has been used to teach English in schools in Europe, has been the subject of many theses, was an anthem for the Portuguese in their bloodless revolution has been described as 'unique in the modern music world', and is still requested at every Magna Carta concert. In April, Phonogram, now Universal, are releasing this album again, on CD, along with four other Magna Carta albums. There will also be an anthology out on CD.

As this is Magna Carta's thirtieth year, and the last year of the millennium, Magna Carta want to take the spiritual message in Lord of the Ages to the world.

When the subject was first broached Chris was not sure that he should revive a piece of music that was written almost thirty years ago, but circumstances have changed his mind and he has to admit that it is more relevant to today than it was then.

Chris like many of us is concerned about the changing face of our so-called civilised world and feels that he has something which is of value in these war-ravaged times. He intends to extend the musical content of the piece, without changing the original words , add a startling dialogue as a 'forward' and arrange the whole thing to be performed by Magna Carta by the time their November tour of Holland comes around. The aim is to have a choir at each venue and to record and video live performances. In addition, the sheet music will by then be available to any other party wishing to give their own performance of this monumental work