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Current page: Magna Carta - A Meeting of Talents

Current page: Magna Carta - A Meeting of Talents

The Magna Carta Sound

A Profile by Dr. Peter Clark MBE - The British Council

Since the 1970s the Magna Carta sound has delighted people in five continents. There have been variations - a man, a voice and an acoustic guitar; a vocal duet; the full band of eight or nine musicians. But the one constant has been the talent and musicianship of Chris Simpson.

Chris is from the Yorkshire Dales where the folk cherish their independence and their integrity. Chris has captured this spirit, not only in his songs, but also in his writings, stories and memoirs that are both loving and lyrical.

But it is the music that has driven Chris and his colleagues. Magna Carta music covers a wide range: blues, folk, country, traditional, pop. It is sometimes sad, sometimes cheeky, often funny, always compelling. Chris himself is a powerful performer. He is interested in people, their personal tragedies, their dilemmas, their victoies. This makes him outstanding in relating to an audience, any audience. I have seen him captivating Yemeni tribesmen, enthuse Syrian students and charm middle-age fans in East Anglia. He can tease his public and play upon them with the skill that he plays upon his guitar. Sentimentality, laughter, outrage, triumph - all can be conjured up in an evening's gig.

During the second half of the Magna Carta story, Chrius has been accompanied by Linda. What an amazing voice! It is one of those voices that once heard can never be forgotten - like Cleo, like Gracie, like Ella. Linda too brings her professionalism to Magna Carta, not rivalling but complementing the talent of Chris.

To hear Magna Carta once is an unforgettable experience. To be familiar with their work is enrichment.