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Current page: The Final Curtain Tour

Current page: The Final Curtain Tour


Chris Simpson

Photo: Ed Fisscher

Hi, Everyone,

As you can well imagine, I have had more comments re-the 'last tour' than would fill a small book. Fair enough, we have stopped and started a few times which is more than likely to happen with something as nefarious as the Music Business (it did not worry Frank Sinatra) and the ever changing climate of public opinion. And there were times when I just could not see how we could get up again,- but somehow you do.

Then you have to look at the current music scene. I do believe I am taking a wide angle view based on 47 years on the rock n' roll highway, when I concede that the music coming across right now, with its attendant malaise multi-media streaming is bedeviled with utter crap that relies on techno production and innovation.

You don't believe me? Check out the X-Factor. Horrendous. Have musical aspirations sunk to this?

Largely gone are the days when you pocketed your dreams and guitar in hand, album in the shops (hopefully) set out along the highways and byways on a very erratic learning curve. It was a time of triumphs and disasters and above all a continual kaleidoscope of experience, both enriching and at the same time eroding.

You may think me a musical dinosaur, fine, you have your opinions, but go and see, if you have not yet, 'Eight Days a Week'- the touring Beatles. Superbly crafted songs, played in very exacting conditions and compare with today? I rest my case.

So. The time reared its head over the horizon (where did 2016 go to) and we were off again. On guitar and vocals was old compadre Doug Morter, a superb stage wit who has put the fear of God into more shrinking violets than Erroll Flynn and Warren Beatty.

Then yours truly, guitar and vocals and attempts at humour. The superb Wendy Ross, violin and penguin impressions. Finally, one stunning talent, Will 'Pass me another venison Casserole' Stock on bass. He is not just a superb bass player, but the enviable young road disciple who is just so amiable and helpful. Cathy Simpson looked after the smooth running in more ways than one, and sold merchandise.

It was good to get to Austerlitz for the 'kick off' concert and the first thing we hear is 'sold out'. It was a glorious baptism. And rounded off with two standing ovations. Overwhelming.

Back to the 'Eekhoornnest to our cosy cabin and the odd glass of wine. And so it did not take long to drop into the touring machine when night becomes day and vice versa. Wendy kept reiterating all down the concerts, that she felt all the venues were just so full of love.

On across the Flatlands- Apeldoorn; Uden with it's beautiful Chapel venue (where we had a beautiful meal in an old people's home- no jokes please) and the Lantaern, Zevenaar.

Old friends dropped in all along the tour route, faces and hearts going back to the very beginning and it was all just about sold out.

And the question came at every turn from the managers, promoters and most of all the people: 'you can't give up.' I could not really say anything. It was such a molten feeling.

On through the winter days; Amen and the brooding presence of Westerbork; the venue was packed and could have sold out umpteen times.

Parkstad Limburg and the superb sound team; a wonderful meal and a sold out audience. With more old friends still asking why ?

Back across a frozen landscape to Soest, then all too soon the final sold out concert in the gorgeous Pand, Gorinchem. Great to see Turf again, and as ever we stitched him up on a Don McLean song, 'Vincent'.

Back up to Soest, and all too soon, goodbye to the wonderful De Jongs, and we all went our different ways, Doug north west to Finland, Wendy and Will on the big white bird to Leeds/Bradford airport, the Lady Catherine and I watching the sun set over our shoulders and out across the North Sea. In my case for the umpteenth time.

Fate plays strange tricks on the unwary. I have always relied on a cast iron stamina and never doubted it, then back home and up on the boat, the Grim Reaper took a wild swing and all but sent me on my way.

Never been so ill, and they told me: 'it is pneumonia.' It was a horrible experience and still is... Such is life.

So where does the road go? Well, Spain for some dates in March. 'No truth in the Rumour' re-released. Some dates in England. South Africa in April... and for heaven's sake... 75 in July!

So as regards the future.... Thank you all so much for the past, and helping me build it...

Tomorrow... never Comes'!

With love,
Chris. January 10th, 2017


Photos from most concerts can be found here:

Beauforthuis, Austerlitz

Gigant, Apeldoorn

De Lantaern, Zevenaar

Kruisherenkapel, Uden

't Eekhoornnest, Soest

Roots aan de Zaan, Zaandam

De Amer, Amen

Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen

Theater 't Pand, Gorinchem

Please note: Did you take photos at one of the other Magna Carta concerts during the last Dutch tour? Please don't hesitate to send them to the webmaster, so we can publish them on this website. Of course your name will be mentioned. Thank you!