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Current page: Archives - Gianfranco Rosati

Current page: Archives - Gianfranco Rosati


The items below were collected and kindly provided by Gianfranco Rosati from Firenze, Italy, who (in his own words) is an avid collector.


Ad for 1970 tour

ad for Well Hall Open Theatre gig

Ad for Well Hall Open Theatre gig.

ad for Airport Song single

Ad for Airport Song single

frontcover Liesbeth List single

Frontcover of Liesbeth List/Magna Carta single

Southampton concert ticket

Concert ticket for Southampton concert 16.10.1971

newcastle concert ticket

Concert ticket for Newcastle concert 22.9.1971

poster RAH concert 1971

The original poster for the Royal Albert Hall concert 23.6.1971

wishiitwas frontcover

Front cover Wish It Was 45 single

Airport song 45 cover

Front cover Airport Song 45 single

early press photo

Early Magna Carta press photo

greatest hits LP backcover photo

Photo on the back cover of the Greatest Hits LP

greatesthitsLP frontcover

Front cover Greatest Hits LP

MC press sheet

Magna Carta press sheet

Manchester ticket

Concert ticket Manchester 2.10.1972

Portugal ticket

Concert ticket Lisbon, Portugal February 7, 19??

Spain ticket 1978

Concert ticket Spain 13.1.1978

ad southend gig

Ad for Southend gig 31.5.1978

MC 1971 photo

Magna Carta 1971 photo

MC press photo 1971

Magna Carta 1971 press photo

Japanese ad

Japanese advert 1972

MC 1973 tour ad

Magna Carta 1973 tour advert

MC early poster

Early Magna Carta poster

Spanish concert ticket

Spanish concert ticket. Year and location (yet) unknown

Melody Maker article

Melody Maker article 28.4.1972

ad Wasties Orchard LP

Advert for Songs From Wasties Orchard LP

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