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Current page: Archives - Lenie Dreef

Current page: Archives - Lenie Dreef


Below you can see various articles collected and photos made by Lenie Dreef in The Netherlands during the 1970s-1990s. Lenie and her husband Danny are longtime Magna Carta fans and they live in Zwijndrecht.

PLEASE NOTE: this page is still under construction!

Magna Carta on Dutch TV show ca. 1980: Al Fenn, Chris Simpson, George Norris and Lee Abbott.


Front cover of the book compiled by Lenie Dreef for the 35th anniversary of Magna Carta, with contributions of several members of the Friends Of Magna Carta in 2004. Cover design by Walter Goyen.



Ticket from the Luik (Liege), Belgium, concert on 13.3.1978


Magna Carta press photo 1979: Chris Simpson, Lee Abbott and Tom McConville


Magna Carta concert at Plein 79 in ís-Hertogenbosch, 9 March 1982 [photos by Danny Dreef].

Adrian Shephard

Adrian Shephard

Chris Simpson

1982 Chris

Doug Morter and Chris Simpson


Lee Abbott

Lee Abbott

Doug Morter

Doug Morter

George Norris

George Norris

1992 Chris Simpson's 50th birthday party in Almere - Photos by Danny Dreef



Ticket 4.2.1995 Brielle concert

Brielle ticket

Leaflet Brielle 1995 concert

Brielle 1995

Ticket 4.3.1995 't Pand, Gorinchem

Gorinchem ticket

Ticket Zwijndrecht concert 28.1.1995

ticket Zwijndrecht 1995

Newspaper article Zwijndrecht 1995

article Zwijndrecht 1995

Advert Alphen aan den Rijn concert 17.12.1996


Article on Alphen aan den Rijn concert 17.12.1996

Ticket Amersfoort concert 11.12.1996

ticket Amersfoort 1996

Fish and chips party Noordwijk ZH 13.12.1998

Noordwijk 1998

Ticket Brielle concert 2-11-2002

Brielle 2002 ticket

Ticket Zwijndrecht concert 5.11.2003

Zwijndrecht 2003 ticket

Ticket Beauforthuis Austerlitz concert 10.10.2004

Austerlitz 2004

Ticket Gorinchem concert 13.5.2004

Gorinchem 2004

Ticket concert Gorinchem 21.4.2005

2005 Gorinchem

Announcement Gorinchem concert 28.10.2005

Zwijndrecht 2005

Ticket Zwijndrecht concert 28.10.2005

ticket Zwijndrecht 2005

Newspaper article Zwijndrecht 2005

Zwijndrecht article

Ticket Vlaardingen concert 2.12.2006

Vlaardingen 2006 ticket

From theatre brochure Vlaardingen 7.12.2007

article Vlaardingen 2007

Newspaper article Gorinchem 2007

article 2007

Ticket Papendrecht concert 24.11.2007

ticket Papendrecht 2007

From theatre brochure Papendrecht 2007

Papendrecht brochiure 2007

Ticket (front) Schiedam concert 17.5.2007

Schiedam ticket front

Backside ticket Schiedam concert 17.5.2007

Schiedam-backside ticket

Poster Schiedam concert 17.5.2007

Schiedam poster

Advert Martin's Café Tour 1978

MC advert

Newspaper article Gorinchem concert 1994

article Gorinchem

Concert in Austria 7.7.1999


Leaflet festival Thalgau, Austria 7.7.1999 with Amazing Blondel

leaflet Austria

Magna Carta Bedevaartskapel, Brielle 16.9.1979

Brielle Bedvaartkapel

Ticket Bedevaartskapel, Brielle 16.9.1979

ticket Brielle 1979

Tom Hoy, Bedevaartskapel Brielle, 16.9.1979

Tom Hoy Brielle

Magna Carta press photo 1975 or 1976: Chris Simpson, Tom Hoy and Glen Stuart

MC photo

Magna Carta at Café In Boom, Belgium 1978

Belgium1 Belgium2

Magna Carta in Gouda, Over de Brug, June 1979. Chris Simpson, Tom Hoy, Lee Abbott and Tom McConville, posing with fans and friends.

Goud june 1978

Magna Carta, Bedevaartskapel Brielle, 13.12.1980

Chris Simpson, Bedevaartskapel Brielle, 13.12.1980

Chris Brielle 1980

Doug Morter, Bedevaartskapel Brielle, 13.12.1980

Doug Brielle 1980

George Norris, Bedevaartskapel Brielle, 13.12.1980

George Brielle 1980

Japanese magazine (year unknown)

Japanese magazine-1

Japanese magazine-2

Magna Carta at Kantine Tennisclub near Antwerp, Belgium 1978

Chris Simpson, Robin Thyne and Tom Hoy

Canteen Tennisclub-1

Robin Thyne, Tom Hoy and Lee Abbott

Canteen Tennisclub 3

Chris Simpson and Robin Thyne

Canteen Tennisclub Antwerp

Press photo Magna Carta ca. 1982, Midnight Blue Tour: Doug Morter, Chris Simpson, Lee Abbott and George Norris

Midnight Blue

Press photo One to One cd, 1988: Left top: Will Jackson and Chris Simpson, below: Linda Simpson, bottom: Paul Burgess (drums) and Gwyn Jones keyboards, guitar, percussion.


Magna Carta poster (year unknown)

MC poster

Magna Carta Profile - 1980

MC profile

MC profile-2

MC Profile 3

Article from Radiobode (year unknown)

article radiobode

article radiobode2

artcle radiobode3

Magna Carta pressphoto ca. 1980: Al Fenn (guitar), Lee Abbott, George Norris and Chris Simpson.

MC pressphoto

Magna Carta on popular Dutch TV show Sonja's Goed Nieuws Show, November 1978

MC on Dutch tv-1

MC on Dutch tv-2

Ticket Maassluis concert 29.9.1978

ticket Maassluis 1978

Article and adverts from Dutch magazine (1977)





Dutch Tour Schedule 1978

Dutch tour 1978


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