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Current page: Welcome

Current page: Welcome

Magna Carta Warmly Welcomes You


Chris Simpson, November 2016, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Photo: Ed Fisscher


The cover of the latest Magna Carta album The Fields Of Eden - in the shops since June 15th, 2015

"What a great album. It is everything that you want from a Magna Carta record and then some. The title track is brilliant and so evocative of times gone by, I absolutely loved it. There is no filler on this album it is 100% classic Magna Carta, with a mixture of musical styles that keeps the listener interested to the end. This album is a corker.

Great job Chris, there really is life in the old dog yet!"

'Lord of the Ages' album cover - Magna Carta's fourth Gold album

Latest News
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Magna Carta played at the 20th and final edition of this annual Canadian festival, where they have played several times (in various line-ups).

Chris wrote a lengthy piece about this event and Don Wolan provided some great photographs. You can see all these at the Notice Board!


Yes folks, today, May 10th 2019 it's exactly 50 years ago that the first ever Magna Carta was held, at The Coalhole Folk Club in Cambridge!

Webmaster Harry Pater wrote a lengthy article for Dutch online magazine - because that's in the Dutch language we can now provide you with an English translation, done by Chris Abrams.

You can read the full story here


Details on the funeral are now known.

Chris Simpson wrote an extensive article remembering the late George Norris.

Several friends wrote their memories and feelings about George's passing.

You can read all about it at the Notice Board!


A great review of the 'Love on the Wire' album by Steve Pilkington from Rock Society magazine (Nov/Dec 2018 edition) can be read the Notice Board!

'Seasons' album cover - Magna Carta's first Gold album

Magna Carta have been delighting lovers of music with their live performances and albums since 1969. Over the years, they have performed in over 80 countries, sold over 8,000,000 records worldwide, and have six gold and three silver albums to their name. Most of their albums are still available, and they continue to perform great concerts as you can see here!

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